WordCraft LA Writers' Resolution Virtual Boot Camp

Following the success of our Writers’ Resolution Boot Camp last year, we’re now offering an expanded 13-week program with separate tracks for fiction and memoir writers. From generating ideas to building an author platform, we’ll help you make significant progress on a writing project and start the year off right! For only $90, you will receive inspiration and motivation in the form of weekly e-mails with craft tips, writing prompts, excerpts from classic and contemporary writers, and links to other resources. Contact us today to get started!

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Welcome to WordCraft.

We are a collective of experienced and professional editors, writers, and instructors who believe in words that work.

Editing. Critique. Coaching. Tutoring. Author services. 


If you are an author, we can provide coaching from idea to publication, helping with critique, manuscript preparation, and submission consultation. If you represent an organization with specific communication challenges, we can provide consultation and custom training to your team as well as any editing or copywriting assistance you may need. If you are a student, we have experienced teachers who can offer tutoring, help you prepare personal narratives for applications, and consult on your dissertation completion and academic publishing. If you are anyone who would like to communicate more clearly and confidently—on an application, a website, even a love letter—we will work with you. 

Take a look at our consultant bios and categories of client support in order to determine what best suits your needs. You can get the conversation started by contacting one of our consultants directly or submitting a query to WordCraft. The advantage of working with a collective is that different WordCraft consultants can help you with different aspects of your project if necessary, or we can refer you to others in our extended network of communication professionals. 

Words That Work.