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Submission Sunday 10.23.16

Our consultants can help you edit your drafts, prepare your submissions, and find places to submit! Contact us for customized submission assistance.

The Masters Review Fall Fiction Contest (Deadline November 15 – $2000)

Fifteen finalists will be selected and announced on or before December 21, 2016. Kelly Link will select three winners from this group. Winners will be announced in January. The winning writer will be awarded $2000, publication, and a year’s subscription to Duotrope, one of the best resources for writers on the web. Second and third place will be awarded $200 and $100, respectively and also earn publication on the site. All stories submitted will be considered for publication. It is very common for us to accept additional work.

We don’t have any preferences topically or in terms of style. We’re simply looking for the best. Like our judge, we don’t define, nor are we interested in, stories identified by their genre. We do, however, consider ourselves a publication that focuses on literary fiction and are looking for stories that dazzle us, take chances, are bold — and do so by focusing on more than plot. For a good idea of what we like you can read last year’s winners. Our New Voices archive is also a good reference.

Electric Literature Call for Essay Submissions (Deadline November 4)

Electric Literature is opening submissions of personal and critical essays starting next Monday, as well as humor that reflects on the world of reading, writing, literature, and storytelling in all its forms. We’re particularly interested in pieces that examine the intersection of the literary world and other creative disciplines: film, fine art, music, video games, architecture — you name it.

Some of our favorite recent personal essays include pieces about The Exorcist and a father’s descent into alcoholism; reading and writing as a participant in an art installation; an exploration of a writer’s shifting identities as she moves between Jamaica and the U.S. Critical essays may cover a variety of topics: the history of our obsession with a novel’s first sentence; the spatial poetics of Nintendo; what women can learn from reading sexist male writers. Payment for personal and craft essays, as well as humor pieces, is $50. Length is up to you; most essays we publish fall between 1500–5000 words.

Boulevard Call for Submissions (Deadline May 1)

Boulevard's mission is to publish the finest in contemporary fiction and poetry as well as definitive essays on the arts and culture, and to publish a diversity of writers who exhibit an original sensibility. It is our conviction that creative and critical work should be presented in a variegated yet coherent ensemble—as a boulevard, which contains in one place the best a community has to offer. While we frequently publish writers with previous credits, we are very interested in less experienced or unpublished writers with exceptional promise. If you have practiced your craft and your work is the best it can be, send it to Boulevard.

The Offing Call for "Back of the Envelope" Submissions 

we’re proud to offer an introduction to the new science department at The Offing, which will be publishing its first work this month. Why a science department? Amongst literary journals, this is may be one of the first sections of its kind—but we think it’s a perfect fit with The Offing’s mission. That mission includes publishing work that challenges, experiments, and provokes—and science certainly can do that.

Furthermore, The Offing’s core commitment to seeking out work by those who are marginalized is something we want to see in the world of science, too. Since the enlightenment era, science has functioned in many ways like an empire built out of colonies of knowledge. Historically, many new “discoveries” were in fact borrowed knowledge from colonized peoples—communities who are marginalized to this day, and to whom professional science remains closed off. As much as some may like to think otherwise, the scientific community reflects the prejudices of the societies that built it, and The Offing wants to publish work that pushes back against them. We’ve named this department “Back of the Envelope.”

Lowestoft Chronicle Call for Submissions (Deadline November 15)

Founded in September 2009, Lowestoft Chronicle is an online literary magazine, published quarterly, accepting flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and creative non-fiction. Preference is given to humorous submissions with an emphasis on travel. An anthology of the best work is published annually. Our mission is to form a global “think tank” of inquisitive, worldly scribblers, collectively striving towards excellence and, if possible, world domination.

Academy of American Poets 2017 Walt Whitman Award (Deadline November 1)

The Academy of American Poets is the largest membership-based nonprofit organization fostering an appreciation for contemporary poetry and supporting American poets. For over three generations, the organization has connected millions of people to great poetry through programs such as National Poetry Month, the largest literary celebration in the world; Poets.org, one of the leading poetry sites online; American Poets, a biannual magazine; an annual series of poetry readings and special events; and its education programs. 

The Walt Whitman Award is given to honor a poet’s first book. Applicants must be living poets who have neither published, nor committed to publish a book-length collection of poems (48 pages or more) with a registered ISBN, either in the United States or abroad. Manuscripts must be between 48 and 100 pages, typed single-spaced (unless the poems are meant to be presented using nonstandard spacing).

Entropy Call for "Variations on a Theme" Submissions

Music can hold enormous power in memories and experiences, transporting us instantly to an age, location, or person. What sonic joys, mysteries, disbelief, and clarity have you experienced? Identify songs of influence in your life and explore them like variations on a theme, melding syntax and song structure, recalling the seriousness or levity that accompanies. Whether it’s an account of when a specific song first entered your life, the process of learning to play a song, teaching someone a song, experiencing the same song in different places as it weaves through your life, unbelievable radio timing, sharing songs with those in need, tracking the passing down of songs, creative song analysis etc, I am interested in those ineffable moments.And so I’m welcoming submissions of your own variations on a theme, as drawn from your life’s soundtrack. Please email submissions to meganentropy@gmail.com and keep an eye out for others’ Variations.

Tampa Review Danahy Fiction Prize (Deadline December 31 – $1000)

The Danahy Fiction Prize is an award of $1,000 and publication in Tampa Review given annually for a previously unpublished work of short fiction. Judging is by the editors of Tampa Review, and all entries are considered for publication. Each entrant also receives a one-year subscription to Tampa Review.

Tampa Review celebrates the creative interplay of contemporary literature and visual arts. Each issue of the journal features current art and writing from Florida and the world, emphasizing our connections to the Tampa Bay region and the international cultural community. Tampa Review is published twice a year in a unique and elegant hardcover format by the University of Tampa Press. Each issue includes new stories, poems, creative nonfiction, and art. 


Upcoming Deadlines

Bare Fiction Prize 2016 (Deadline October 31 – £500)
Lunch Ticket Call for Submissions (Deadline October 31)
cream city review Call for Submissions (Deadline November 1)
Vela Second Nonfiction Contest (Deadline November 1 – $1000)
Academy of American Poets 2017 Walt Whitman Award (Deadline November 1)
Lowestoft Chronicle Call for Submissions (Deadline November 15)
The Masters Review Fall Fiction Contest (Deadline November 15 – $2000)
Pleiades Press Robert C. Jones Short Prose Book Contest (Deadline November 15 – $2000)
Arcadia Press 2016 Chapbook Contest (Deadline November 30 – $1000)
Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival 2016-17 Fiction Contest (Deadline November 30 – $1500)
December Magazine 2017 Jeff Marks Memorial Poetry Prize (Deadline December 1 – $1500)
The Fiddlehead 26th Annual Literary Competition (Deadline December 1 – $2000 for best story and poem)
The Indianola Review Call for Submissions (Deadline December 15)
Tampa Review Danahy Fiction Prize (Deadline December 31 – $1000)
New Orleans Review Call for Submissions (Theme: The African Literary Hustle – Deadline December 31)
The Restless Books Prize for New Immigrant Writing (Deadline February 28 – $10,000)

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