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Submission Sunday 10.7.12

Under Thirty — Call for Submissions

Under Thirty is a new and unique non-profit project that nurtures and showcases young Irish fiction at home and aboard. It provides writers access to a panel of experienced writers, literary scholars, editors, and publishers, who work entirely voluntarily to review submissions and provide feedback and encouragement to the country’s aspiring writers.

The journal is actively seeking contributions from writers of 16 to 30 years of age, who are of any nationality and resident in Ireland or are Irish writers living abroad. We are interested in short fiction (1,500 to 2,500 words), flash fiction (up to 500 words), or longer fiction pieces in episodic form (e.g. 5,000 words over two issues). Each submission fulfilling the entry guidelines is reviewed independently and anonymously by two members of the review panel, and finally by the editor prior to inclusion in the journal. Anonymous feedback is provided to the writer regardless of inclusion in the journal, and later resubmissions are welcome. We have no set topic or theme. Deadline November 7.

Revolver (Wanted #1) (Deadline TODAY)

Revolver is an arts and cultural magazine based in Minneapolis. We aim to publish writing that hits the brain like a bullet. Work that is concrete and resonant. 

Write a 200-word story that includes an emotional altercation between a caged, carnivorous animal and a heartbroken scientist. Make the type of scientist (astronomer, physicist, psychologist) important. Using Freud will disqualify you. DUE DATE: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7TH 11:59PM. Add your submission as a Facebook comment below - we'll publish our favorite as a short.

Yes, it’s true. Who better to interview the best-selling author of The House of Leaves and Only Revolutions about his forthcoming novel, The Fifty Year Sword than a beloved reader? In celebration of the release of The Fifty Year Sword on October 16, 2012, we’re hosting a contest in which one lucky winner will have the opportunity to interview Mark Z. Danielewski via Spreecast, a live social video platform. The winner will also receive a finished copy of The Fifty Year Sword.

Submit your contact information and fill out our brief questionnaire below to enter for a chance to win. Selection of the winner will be based on originality and creativity. The winner will be chosen by Mark and the Pantheon marketing team.

Defunct: A Literary Repository for the Ages — Call for Submissions

We’re looking for reviews of everything that has had its day: defunct magazines, defunct technologies, defunct theories, defunct fads, defunct foods, defunct religions, defunct civilizations, defunct super heroes and villains, defunct political parties, defunct languages, defunct etiquette and customs, defunct bands, defunct media, defunct assumptions, defunct slang and idiom, defunct holidays, defunct animals, defunct products, defunct toys, defunct celebrities, defunct predictions, defunct facts, and occasionally something we wish would become defunct. Imagine a review of the Aztecs. Or a review of the Dodo. Or a review of the Eight Track Player. For more information and to listen to exclusive interviews with the Defunct team, check out the “Talk of Iowa” podcast featuring Defunct. We seek essays in all of their forms: literary, radio, video, graphic, so on, so on. If you’ve got it, we want it.

The Rattling Wall Microfiction Contest (Deadline Tuesday)

The Rattling Wall is pleased to announce a new one-week microfiction contest (100 words or less, got it?) for fans living in the Los Angeles area. The submission cycle for the contest opens today and closes on Tuesday, October 9, 2012, at midnight. Winners will be announced online on Friday, October 12, 2012.

Contest Rules:
 Your microfiction, which must include the words “rattling” and “wall,” should be e-mailed to editor Michelle Meyering here: michelle@penusa.org.
 The microfiction should appear in the body of the e-mail. Use Arial, 12 pt font. Blah, blah, you know the drill.

The Loot: Winning microfiction will be published online at therattlingwall.com and displayed at The Rattling Wall, Issue 3: Reading & Release at Hollywood Forever (6000 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90038). Winners will also receive FREE tickets to The Rattling Wall, Issue 3: Reading & Release at Hollywood Forever on November 10, 2012. As if that weren’t enough, winners will also snag a FREE copy of The Rattling Wall, Issue 3.

Ready? Set? Go.

Dzanc Books/CNC DISQUIET International Literary Program (Lisbon, Portugal - July 1-13, 2012)

The International Literary Program is a project of Dzanc Books, 501(c)(3). The ILP’s mission is to deepen mutual understanding between writers of North American and writers around the world and to broaden the landscape of North American literature and arts outside of the borders of North America. The 2013 program is still in the early stages, but will include workshops in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, literary walks and other excursions, craft talks, and readings with North American and Portugese writers in one of the world's most compelling cities.

Dzanc Books was created in 2006 to advance great writing and champion those writers who don’t fit neatly into the marketing niches of for-profit presses. In addition to the ILP, Dzanc is also fully committed to developing educational programs in the schools and has begun organizing many such workshops and Writers In Residency programs. Dzanc believes great writing, community involvement and education truly makes a difference. 

Arthur Magazine Bank Heist Contest

Can planning a bank robbery really pay off? Yes, it can. The Bank Heist Contest is offering $1000 to the best bank robbery proposal. Period. No need to assemble a team or snag a getaway car. Applicants just need plan it out, draw it up, and describe it as best as possible. If it wins, they’ll be $1000 richer. And the best part: no risk of jail time.

The Bank Heist Contest is a participatory cultural endeavor designed to re-visit the romantic representation of bank robbers in relation to the current economic and social crises, including: income disparity, unemployment, housing foreclosures, federal bailouts, the LIBOR scandal, and a wealth of other egregious economic indicators. It is organized by the The Center for Tactical Magic with support from Southern Exposure, a non-profit arts organization in San Francisco. For inquiries, please email: heistcontest@tacticalmagic.org.

DUM DUM Zine—Call for Submissions: Punks & Scholars

As you know, each issue of DUM DUM changes form according to the content, and we’re boxing this one up! Hot off the heels of our 1 year anniversary, we’ve opened up submissions for DUM DUM Issue No. 3, PUNKS & SCHOLARS. (Click through for more info.)

Barrelhouse Online Call for Columnists

Barrelhouse is currently working on redesign of our online issues, and we’re looking for a few people to help out. In particular, we’re hoping to find some writers to contribute regular columns. How regular? Not super regular. More like four times a year than forty. More like a thousand words than five thousand. Smart and funny and different are all things we like, for what that’s worth, so if you think you can write a regular column that brings along some of those things, that would be cool.

If you have an idea for a semi-regular column in Barrelhouse Online, run it by us: email yobarrelhouse [at] barrelhousemag dot com and let us know what you’re thinking about, who you are, and how often you think you can do your thing. Please include the phrase “online column” in the subject line.

So yeah: if we like your idea, we’ll get back to you and ask for a sample. If we like that, then you’re in.

AndWeWereHungry is delighted to announce that Gregory Colbert, the artist and nature advocate behind “Ashes and Snow” (the most attended exhibition by any living artist in history), is sponsoring our inaugural short story contest. The Flying Elephants Short Story Prize is now open for submissions!

The Flying Elephants Short Story Prize is meant to showcase the work of outstanding short story writers who have not yet published a novel or short story collection. Four winning short story writers will share a $5000 cash prize. The online submissions deadline is Friday Nov. 30, 2012 11:59 p.m. ET. The winners will be announced in Winter 2013 and the winning short stories will be published in our inaugural issue here on this website.

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