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Submission Sunday 1.10.16

Pacific Standard
 publications include a bimonthly print magazine and a daily website—PSmag.com—that tell stories about society's biggest problems, both established and emerging. By combining research that matters with ambitious narrative and investigative reporting, we reveal how people, governments, corporations, institutions, and cultural groupthink perpetuate questionable private behavior and bad public policy. We're also deeply interested in the scholars, revolutionaries, policymakers, and creatives fighting for a better and more just future.

We are a great home for writers who can tell deeply reported, gripping tales about issues in the public interest while plumbing the intellectual, theoretical, and empirical context that surrounds them. Every story we tell has a strong connection to one of our four core subject areas: economic, educational, environmental, and social justice. Our writers should want to make readers think about how society works—and about how it could be working better. All Pacific Standard and PSmag.com articles should be sophisticated and engaging, should shed light on the new or the innovative, and should wear their erudition lightly. Writers receive careful, thoughtful, collegial, and stringent editing, with the aim of making sophisticated ideas and research accessible to an educated public.

Huizache: The Magazine of Latino Literature Call for Submissions (Deadline April 30)

huizache is a wild acacia tree native to Mexico whose reach is South and East Texas, where it irritates landowning farmers. No matter what they do to be rid of it, the resilient, beautiful tree grows and flourishes.

Huizache seeks works that challenge ethnic, gender, or social stereotypes. Though the magazine’s focus is Latino, it is not limited to it.

Urban Farmhouse Press Call for Submissions 

Urban Farmhouse Press is an independent literary press based out of the border cities of Windsor, ON Canada and Detroit, MI USA. We see our roots stretching back through the small magazines that gave rise to the great literary tradition embodied by magazines like Poetry and John T. Frederick'sthe Midland. It is from those Midwestern roots that we build a line of books that explores the breadth of human existence in the form of beautifully crafted works that speak to the complexities of life. 

We understand great literature comes from the people and not from on high and as such enjoy writing that feels real, rooted in the land, and tells us something about this world we all share. While all literature has a place it is written from, we believe that truly great literature speaks to the all of humanity in every place. As such we publish work that captures not only the physical places we inhabit but also the unique voices and psyches that arise organically from those places.

Slice Magazine Call for Submissions (Deadline March 1)

Slice magazine welcomes submissions for short fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. We're looking for anyone with a fresh voice and a compelling story to share—basically any work that really knocks our socks off. We're not drawn to experimental or heavy-handed genre fiction. The best way to get a sense of Slice's content is to read the magazine. At the core, Slice aims to bridge the gap between emerging and established authors by offering a space where both are published side-by-side. In each issue, a specific cultural theme becomes the catalyst for articles and interviews from renowned writers and lesser known voices alike. Along with these pieces, we publish fiction and poetry that isn’t bound by the theme—we simply look for works by writers who promise to become tomorrow’s literary legends. We offer all contributors of Slice a monetary award for their work ($250 for stories and essays and $75 for poems).

Slice publishes fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by emerging writers who haven't appeared in previous issues of the magazine. This way, we continue to pave space for brand new voices readers may not have encountered yet.

Indiana Review and Indiana University Press Blue Lights Book Prize
(Deadline February 15 – $2000 plus publication)

Indiana Review and Indiana University Press are proud to present the Blue Light Books prize, awarded on alternating years to short story and poetry collections of outstanding merit. This year, Indiana Review and Indiana University Press will be accepting submissions of story collections.

The name for the collaboration was inspired by a blue light outside of the Indiana Review offices in Ballantine Hall. The IR offices are located at the end of a long hallway, and when the office is open, this blue light is turned on. This light has come to symbolize the journal’s openness and commitment to fostering a sense of community. It is this sense of community that brings Indiana Review and IU Press together and inspires us to showcase exceptional collections of short fiction and poetry from the larger literary community.

No Extra Words Flash Fiction Podcast Call for Submissions

No Extra Words is weekly podcast of great English language short stories under 2,000 words. Stories come from all over the world. Episodes typically feature 2 to 3 stories and we try to keep each episode around 15 minutes. The podcast is completely free to listen or subscribe to. Stories are used with permission and all remain the property of their respective authors. No Extra Words welcomes different voices and would love to read submissions by any flash fiction author. Please note that at this time we are scheduling episodes 3-6 months in advance.

There are only three submission guidelines. Stories should be:

1) Your own work to which you currently own rights. Previously published stories or those currently published online are welcome as long as you currently retain the rights to have your story podcasted.

2) A work of fiction. Stories may be based on factual events but should be fictionalized.  Stories may be in any genre except erotica or fanfiction (see intellectual freedom statement below.)

3) Short! This is a flash fiction podcast, so stories should be less than 2,000 words.  Priority is given to stories less than 1,000 words. There is no minimum word count for stories.

From January 15-February 15 2016 we will be accepting poetry submissions for the first time! 

Rawboned Call for Submissions

Distilled. Succinct. Terse. Rawboned publishes nonfiction shorts, flash fiction, poetry, and hybrids up to 750 words.  The magazine is published quarterly online. Our favorite pieces are compiled in an annual print journal.

Writing short is hard. We think shorts are worth writing, and worth reading. Rawboned exists to showcase your painstakingly hewn essays, your fictionalized distillations, your boiled down poetical reductions, your cracked open essential prose–we want the marrow of your story.

The Kerouac Project Writer-in-Residence Position (Orlando, FL – Deadline March 13)

The Kerouac Project provides four residencies a year to writers of any stripe or age, living anywhere in the world. In the past we have accepted writers with no formal writing education alongside those with MFA’s and impressive résumés. You will be judged on the quality of the writing sample you submit. Each residency consists of approximately a three month stay in the cottage where Jack Kerouac wrote his novel Dharma Bums. Utilities and a food stipend of $1,000 are included. As writer-in-residence, all you are required to do is live in the Kerouac House during your residency, work on your writing project, and participate in two events—a welcome potluck dinner for you, and a reading of your work at the Kerouac House. Should you desire them, the Kerouac Project can also offer opportunities for you to participate in other readings, lead workshops, and interact in other ways with the vibrant Central Florida literary community. 

Upcoming Deadlines

CutBank 2016 Magazine Literary Prizes (Deadline January 15 – $500)
Global Citizen and Ben Lovett Call for Submissions (Deadline January 31) 
The Citron Review Call for Submissions (The Queer Issue – Deadline January 31)
Little Tokyo Historical Society 2016 Short Story Contest (Deadline January 31 – $500)
The Chattahoochee Review Lamar York Prizes for Fiction and Nonfiction (Deadline January 31 – $1000)
The American Short(er) Fiction Contest (Deadline February 1 – $1000)
MIEL Call for Anthology Submissions (Theme: Softness – Deadline February 1)
Fiction International Call for Submissions (Theme: Taboo – Deadline February 15)
Indiana Review and Indiana University Press Blue Lights Book Prize (Deadline February 15 – $2000 plus publication)
Tin House Call for Submissions (Theme: Sex, Again? – Deadline February 28)
Slice Magazine Call for Submissions (Deadline March 1)
Hunger Mountain Annual Writing Contests (Deadline March 1 – $1000)
The Kerouac Project Writer-in-Residence Position (Orlando, FL – Deadline March 13)
Fourth Genre 2016 Steinberg Essay Prize (Deadline March 15)
Djerassi Resident Artists Program (Woodside, CA – Deadline March 15)
Stella Kupferberg Memorial Short Story Prize (Deadline March 15 – $1000 and more)
Realmwalker Publishing Group Inaugural “Write This Speculative Fiction Novel” Contest! (Deadline March 15 – $5000 advance for the novel plus a three book deal)
Granta Call for Submissions (Deadline March 31)

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