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Following the success of our Writers’ Resolution Boot Camp last year, we’re now offering an expanded 13-week program with separate tracks for fiction and memoir writers. From generating ideas to building an author platform, we’ll help you make significant progress on a writing project and start the year off right! For only $90, you will receive inspiration and motivation in the form of weekly e-mails with craft tips, writing prompts, excerpts from classic and contemporary writers, and links to other resources. Contact us today to get started!

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Submission Sunday 11.1.15

Our consultants can help you edit your drafts, prepare your submissions, and find places to submit! Contact us for customized submission assistance.

The Bloedel Reserve Residency Program (Bainbridge Island, WA – Deadline November 30)

Bloedel Reserve is pleased to announce its new residency program where selected residents stay in a well-appointed home on Bloedel grounds and are given unlimited access to the beauty of the 150-acre public garden.

These multi-week retreats will allow participants long stretches of uninterrupted time in a breath-taking environment. Researchers have found a direct correlation between time spent outdoors and individual’s creativity levels. After spending three days in the wilderness, study participants improved their scores on tests of creativity by 50 percent (study done by University of Kansas). This time for reflection and inspiration is an imperative step in the creative process, and it’s Bloedel’s hope that the time spent during the residency will allow for nature-related projects and thinking to flourish.

The final selection will be made by a jury and special attention will be given to how well the applicant aligns with the missions of the Residency Program and Bloedel Reserve, quality of portfolio/past work and their plan for local community engagement.

Atticus Review Call for Submissions (Theme: Feast – Deadline November 27)

Atticus Review is a weekly online journal that publishes short stories, poems, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, mixed media, book reviews, and other genre-busting words of wisdom and interactive literary whimsy. Atticus Review is seeking fiction, poetry, and nonfiction for our upcoming Feast Issue. Please submit your work by Nov. 27 to be considered.

feast n. a large and elaborate meal, typically in celebration of some occasion v. to eat and drink in abundance, or lavishly

Give us harvest festivals and banquet meals. Give us Sunday family dinners and wedding celebrations. Give us quinceañeras and bar and bat mitzvahs and sweet sixteen parties. Give us picnics and barbecues. Show us the spread and the preparations. Give us the stories of the food and the place and the people. Show us the drama in and out of the kitchen, above and below the table.

Please feel free to interpret this theme loosely. We always encourage submissions from underrepresented writers.

Fall 2015 Microwriting Contest
(Deadline December 6)

Los Angeles is a crazy collision of intersections, and Westwind, UCLA’s student-run journal of the arts, strives to capture this spirit. We seek to provide a platform for the weird and wonderful voices found all over the greater Los Angeles area in whatever form they arise. For over fifty years, Westwind has been printing poetry, prose, art, music, and everything in between. Help us attempt to define the undefinable that is Los Angeles. Anything goes.

[We], the editors of Westwind, present the following challenge: To capture the passage of time with words. What this exactly means we leave up to your interpretation. Fiction or nonfiction, prose or poetry, any and all experiments with language are welcome. We only have two simple rules: 1) The work must be a work of written language. 2) The word limit is 150 words.

Thin Air Magazine Call for Submissions (Deadline December 1)

Founded in 1994, Thin Air is published in print once a year and on the web on an ongoing basis. We seek work that represents the forefront of contemporary fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual arts. The editors also welcome flash submissions under 750 words. We care about sharp aesthetics, cultural relevance, and artistic cohesion. We are especially excited about works that bend rules and surprise readers while sneakily winking at tradition. Submissions from established and emerging writers with diverse voices are encouraged.

Thin Air is a nonprofit operating at an altitude of 6,910 ft, on the mountain of Flagstaff, Arizona, a popular stop along Route 66. The magazine is managed and edited entirely by Northern Arizona University graduate students on a volunteer basis, with faculty support from Nicole Walker.

The Baltimore Review Winter 2015 Contest (Theme: Health – Deadline November 30 – $500)

The theme for The Baltimore Review’s winter 2015 contest is "Health." Why? From the time your parents took you to the pediatrician for your DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus) vaccination as a baby until your recent visit to the doctor—routine, emergency?—or even a quick self-assessment in an evening’s quiet, the care and maintenance of your body has been a concern for you and for those who care for you. Maybe you almost forget about your body at times, when all systems are functioning well. But our bodies are vulnerable. We suffer injuries and illnesses, and we want to be healed. We want them to be more than functional, too. We want to achieve some vision of perfect health: faster, stronger, and physically beautiful in a way that measures up to (often impossible) societal standards. 

And some of us are on the health care provider/researcher side: Diagnosing and treating disease, designing interventions, conducting research, addressing health disparities, providing emergency care, finding cures, providing one-on-one therapy sessions, working with populations to improve public health. Improving the quality of life one life, or many lives, at a time. As long as you incorporate the idea of health in your poem, short story, or creative nonfiction, you're good.

MIEL Call for Anthology Submissions (Theme: Softness – Deadline February 1)

In late 2017, MIEL (miel-books.com) will publish an anthology of writing on [ S O F T N E S S ], edited by Margaret Patton Chapman and Éireann Lorsung. The editors are seeking text or image-text in all forms—prose, poetry, fragments, hybrid or null forms, incomplete objects, notes—that explores, rests within, arises from, or occupies the space of the [ S O F T ]. Writers of color, queer writers, trans writers, women writers, writers with disabilities are all especially encouraged to send work.

The Los Angeles Review
 Call for Submissions
(Theme: Ekphrasis – Deadline December 1)

The Los Angeles Review, a semi-annual literary journal established in 2003, is the voice of Los Angeles, and the voice of the nation. With its multitude of cultures, Los Angeles roils at the center of the cauldron of divergent literature emerging from the West Coast. Perhaps from this place something can emerge that speaks to the writer or singer or dancer or wild person in all of us, something disturbing, something alive, something of the possibility of what it could be to be human in the 21st century. We invite both published and emerging writers to submit their work to our editors, and we thank you for being part of The Los Angeles Review.

Little Tokyo Historical Society 2016 Short Story Contest (Deadline January 31 – $500)

The Little Tokyo Historical Society (LTHS) seeks fictional short stories for its third annual Imagine Little Tokyo short story contest in the categories of English language, Japanese language, and youth (18 and younger). The deadline is January 31, 2016.

The purpose of the contest is to raise awareness of Little Tokyo through a creative story that takes place in Little Tokyo. The story has to be fictional and set in a current, past or future Little Tokyo in the City of Los Angeles, California. Each category winner will be awarded $500 in cash with their short story being published in The Rafu Shimpo and Discover Nikkei website. A public award ceremony and dramatic readings of the winning stories are also being planned for spring 2016.


Upcoming Deadlines

ellipsis Call for Submissions (Deadline November 1)
Essay Press Digital Chapbook Contest (Deadline November 1) 
Best American Experimental Writing Call for Submissions (Deadline November 1)
Twelve Winters Press Vachel Lindsay Poetry Prize (Deadline November 2)
Writing Between the Vines Vineyard Retreats for Writers (Deadline November 5)
Iceland Writers Retreat Alumni Award (Deadline November 6)
Six Hens Call for Submissions (Deadline November 9)
Rocky Mountain National Park Artist-in-Residence Program (Deadline November 12)
The New York Times David Carr Fellowship (Deadline November 14)
Arcadia Ruby Irene Poetry Chapbook Contest (Deadline November 15)
The 2016 A Public Space Emerging Writers Fellowships (Deadline November 15)
Creative Nonfiction Call for Submissions (Theme: Childhood – Deadline November 16 – $1000)
Atticus Review Call for Submissions (Theme: Feast – Deadline November 27)
The Bloedel Reserve Residency Program (Bainbridge Island, WA – Deadline November 30)
The Baltimore Review Winter 2015 Contest (Theme: Health – Deadline November 30 – $500)
Puerto Del Sol Call for Submissions (Deadline December 1)
Thin Air Magazine Call for Submissions (Deadline December 1)
Oxford American Call for Submissions (Spring Issue – Deadline December 1)
The Los Angeles Review Call for Submissions (Theme: Ekphrasis – Deadline December 1)
Screencraft Short Story Contest (Deadline December 5 – $1000)
Westwind Fall 2015 Microwriting Contest (Deadline December 6)
Kenyon Review Call for Submissions (Deadline December 15)
Not That Bad: Dispatches From Rape Culture Call for Submissions (Deadline December 15)
Tupelo Press 2015 Dorset Poetry Prize (Deadline December 31 – $3000)

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