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Submission Sunday 11.26.17

Our consultants can help you edit your drafts, prepare your submissions, and find places to submit! Contact us for customized submission assistance.

Entropy & InterAction Initiative Inc. Privilege & Identity Abroad Narrative Writing Contest (Deadline January 15 – $250)

How did the spaces you occupied influence your conceptions of power dynamics and privilege? In what ways did your identity embody power or authority over space and/or over others whether voluntarily or involuntarily? What power dynamics did you observe when first arriving at your abroad destination? Describe a time when you were vulnerable while abroad.

In what ways did you find your study abroad program problematic or useful in highlighting marginalizations and privileges? Describe a moment where your prejudices, assumptions, beliefs or ideologies were questioned in your study abroad experience.

We are looking for nonfiction narratives that transport readers into the experience. We want raw stories that express and share a specific experience that the writer lived through. We are NOT looking for academic essays. We are also NOT looking for abstract writing of an experience. We are open to different expressions of writing about your experience that addresses the prompt.

Creative Nonfiction Call for Submissions (Theme: Intoxication – Deadline February 26 – $1000)

Seeking altered states might be one of the oldest human hobbies—for better and for worse—and we’re looking for stories that capture the widest possible range of experiences and voices. Whether you (or someone else) were tipsy or wasted, soooooooo drunk or just a little high—on life, or love, or power, or something else—we want to hear your story about being under the influence.

As always, we’re interested in stories that are more than mere anecdotes, and we love work that incorporates an element of research and/or makes a connection to a larger story or theme. We welcome personal stories as well as profiles, and above all, we are looking for narratives—true stories, rich with scene, character, detail, and a distinctive voice—that offer a fresh interpretation or unique insight into the theme.

If we’re being honest, we’re also especially hoping for some happy (or at least lighthearted, if not downright funny) stories—a mix of uppers and downers, as it were. CNF editors will award $1,000 for best essay and $500 for runner-up. All essays submitted will be considered for publication.

American Short(er) Fiction Prize (Deadline February 1 – $1000)

We are thrilled to announce that Amber Sparks will be judging this year’s American Short(er) Fiction Prize. The prize recognizes extraordinary short fiction under 1,000 words. The first-place winner will receive a $1,000 prize and publication, and the second-place winner will receive $250 and publication. Previous winners of the Short(er) Fiction Prize have gone on to be anthologized in places such as The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses. All entries will be considered for publication.

Issued triannually, American Short Fiction publishes work by emerging and established voices: stories that dive into the wreck, that stretch the reader between recognition and surprise, that conjure a particular world with delicate expertise—stories that take a different way home. Stories published by American Short Fiction are anthologized in Best American Short Stories, Best American Non-Required Reading, The O. Henry Prize Stories, and The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses, and elsewhere.

Slag Glass City Call for Submissions (Theme: Dear City – Deadline February 15) 

The Slag Glass City seeks EPISTOLARY ESSAYS to-or-from YOUR CITY. WRITE US AN ESSAY LETTER! Love Letter • Breakup Letter • Open Letter • Thank You Letter • Follow-Up Letter • Complaint Letter • Application Letter • Rejection Letter • Letter-to-the-Editor • Letter of Recommendation • Literary Correspondence • Letter to a Pen-Pal • Letter of Protest • Cease and Desist Letter • Letter to Book Accommodation • Series of Postcards • Etc.

The essay-letter can be FROM YOUR CITY, e.g: Dear America. This is how it feels to be underwater. Love, Houston. OR Dear Congress. Here are how our immigrants get the job done. Love, Los Angeles. OR Dear President. Would you drink this water? Love, Flint. OR it can be addressed TO THE CITY WHERE YOU LIVE or HAVE LIVED or SIGNIFICANTLY VISITED, e.g: Dear Orlando. We are still grieving. OR Dear Oakland. Here is what your gentrification means to me. OR Dear Dubrovnik. Here is how you heal me. OR AN EXCHANGE BETWEEN PEOPLE IN A CITY OR CITIES, which might even be a collaborative work. 

OR SURPRISE US! Feel free to use the tone and form to adore, assuage, and/or assail. Any length, from short-short to longform. This nonfiction submission should inhabit the format or intention of an actual letter, but may also employ fragments, braids, mosaic, montage, photographs, sound, drawing, image + text, and/or hybridity. We welcome anything fresh and original that fits our theme.

Rose Metal Press Annual Short Short Chapbook Contest (Deadline December 1 – $200)

Rose Metal Press, Inc. is an independent, not-for-profit publisher of hybrid genres specializing in the publication of short short, flash, and micro-fiction; prose poetry; novels-in-verse or book-length linked narrative poems; and other literary works that move beyond the traditional genres of poetry, fiction, and essay to find new forms of expression.

Our 12th Annual Short Short Chapbook Contest submission period begins November 1 and ends December 1, 2017. Our 2017 judge will be Rigoberto Gonzalez. The winner will receive $200 and have his/her chapbook published in summer 2018, with an introduction by the contest judge. During the submission period, please submit your 25–40 page double-spaced manuscript of short short stories (fiction or nonfiction) each under 1000 words to our Submittable contest site with a $10 reading fee. Multiple entries from the same author are acceptable as long as each is accompanied with a separate fee. Individual pieces in your manuscript may have appeared in journals, both in print and online, as long as the entire collection itself is unpublished.

Sonora Review
Call for Submissions
(Theme: Frenzy – Deadline December 1)

Frenzy. It fits the times, doesn’t it?

Frenzy (n) ⎯ a feeling in your lungs when the situation has moved too fast and you watch, participating, hoping your body knows what it is doing, thinking that it does not.

Frenzy: an old world word.

It feels old. It feels like the provinces are burning and the capital is rioting and the Senate is disbursed and the King is hiding in his summer home. It feels like mercury thermometers and watches lit with radium, taking tea with a spoon of arsenic to calm your nerves. What can you do? You check your feed. You think on it. You refresh and the question, always what do you write, changes hourly to what do you write now? What do you do with such a fine frenzy rolling raging rife? How do your words stay in touch?

Hot Metal Bridge Call for Submissions (Deadline December 3)

Hot Metal Bridge is open for submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art from September 12th—December 3rd and from January 15th—April 1st. Guidelines for individual genres are on Submittable, our only process for receiving submissions; anything received by email or snail mail will not be considered. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please contact us through Submittable to withdraw your work if it is accepted for publication elsewhere. We usually respond within two to three months.

We do not accept previously published work. Because we are run by the graduate students of the MFA program at the University at Pittsburgh, our masthead—and thus our aesthetic judgment—changes frequently! Regardless of the staff, it is our mission to seek the most accomplished, surprising work in contemporary literature. We are committed to publishing writers and artists from diverse perspectives and experience, and encourage writers from marginalized communities to submit.

Oxford American 100th Issue Call for Debut Fiction (Deadline December 1)

The Oxford American welcomes submissions for a work of fiction from an emerging writer for our 100th issue. We are eager to feature a writer whose fiction has not yet been published in a print publication with a circulation over 5,000 copies. Stories under 10,000 words will be considered, and the selected writer will be paid $1000. The 100th issue will be on newsstands starting March 2018.

Our primary consideration is quality, though we would be especially pleased to include the work of an author with ties to the South and/or a story that furthers our mission of exploring the complexity and vitality of the South.


Upcoming Deadlines

 One Story Call for Submissions (Deadline November 14)
Writer's Digest Short Short Story Competition (Deadline November 15 – $3000)
Mid-American Review Sherwood Anderson Fiction and James Wright Poetry Prizes (Deadline November 15 – $1000)
StoryQuarterly Call for Submissions (Deadline November 18)
EVENT Magazine Let Down Your Hair Contest (Deadline November 20 – $1000)
ZYZZYVA Call for Submissions (Deadline November 30)
The Iowa Review Call for Submissions (Deadline November 30)
Hackney Literary Awards (Deadline November 30 – $250-$2500)
Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival Writing Contests (Deadline November 1–30 – $500-$1500 depending on genre)
Oxford American 100th Issue Call for Debut Fiction (Deadline December 1)
Teachers & Writers Magazine
 Bechtel Prize
 (Deadline December 1 – $1000)
Sonora Review Call for Submissions (Theme: Frenzy – Deadline December 1)
Rose Metal Press Annual Short Short Chapbook Contest (Deadline December 1 – $200)
Hot Metal Bridge
Call for Submissions (Deadline December 3)
The A3 Review
 Call for Submissions (Theme: Gold Things – Deadline December 23)
American Writers Review 2018 Contest and Call for Submissions (Deadline December 30 – $150)
The Cantabrigian Call for Submissions (Deadline December 31)
Mississippi Review Prize (Deadline January 1 – $1000)
The MacDowell Colony Fellowships for Summer 2018 (Deadline January 15)
Entropy & InterAction Initiative Inc. Privilege & Identity Abroad Narrative Writing Contest (Deadline January 15 – $250)
The Chattahoochee Review Lamar York Prizes (Deadline January 31 – $1000) 
 American Short(er) Fiction Prize (Deadline February 1 – $1000)
Slag Glass City
Call for Submissions (Theme: Dear City – Deadline February 15)
Creative Nonfiction
Call for Submissions (Theme: Intoxication – Deadline February 26 – $1000)
ASU Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest (Deadline February 28 – $1000)
Copper Nickel Call for Submissions (Deadline March 15)
Bayou Magazine Call for Submissions
 (Deadline May 1)
The Gettysburg Review Call for Submissions (Deadline May 31)

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