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Submission Sunday 1.24.15

Our consultants can help you edit your drafts, prepare your submissions, and find places to submit! Contact us for customized submission assistance.

Eleven Eleven: A Journal of Art & Literature Call for Submissions (Deadline January 31)

Eleven Eleven is a biannual journal of literature and art published through the MFA Writing program at California College of the Arts in San Francisco. The aim of our publication is to provide a forum for risk and experimentation and to serve as an exchange between writers and artists. Eleven Eleven was founded in 2004 by Youmna Chlala and Gayle Romasanta. 

We’ll be reading submissions for issue 21 from January 19 through January 31, or until we hit 200 submissions, whichever comes first. Eleven Eleven welcomes daring and insightful submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art and literary criticism and drama. We love translations and writing from outside the US. We also love recovery projects (archival work that draws attention to writers who may have fallen off the map – query us beforehand!).

Duckbill Anthology Call for Submissions

Duckbill Anthology is a literary journal founded by people who love to read, and love to write. We exist to be a home for writers of any age, background or gender — so long as their writing makes us sit up and take notice. Currently looking for flash fiction and poetry.

Duckbill is dedicated to showcasing the best short work being written today, regardless of a contributor’s publication history. We want writing that challenges us, that makes us think, that forces us to sit up and take notice. We want brevity, style and eloquence. We want you to unashamedly write in your own voice with no regard for what may, or may not, be trendy.

Found Polaroids Call for Submissions 

Over the course of several years, Kyler has been collecting polaroid images from different places. The result is this: Found Polaroids, a collection of over 6000 images. Found on this website is a curated cross-section of the wider collection. Each image has its own story and context, all of which are as of yet unknown to us. We hope you will become, as we have, transfixed on the ‘unknowable’: who were these people, what did they do, and more importantly where did they go? Their context and therefore their meaning has been forever lost. It was with this realization in mind that the concept moved from focusing on what can be learned from found Polaroid images to how can we now interpret them. Quality writing paired with these lovely images can be moving, and helps give life back to images that might otherwise find themselves in a waste bin.

We invite you to write a short story, or a number of stories (250-350 words each) based on one of the images found on the home page. The story must be relevant to an event, or based on the life of those in the photo—a story essential to the individual’s character, a defining moment—or must explain, beyond what we can observe, is happening in the image. If an image has previously been written about, please feel free to contribute an additional story. Your story can be entirely divergent, or can be one that builds on a previous submission. In this sense, not only are the images inspiring, but the previous stories become a source for creativity.

The Stockholm Review of Literature Call for Submissions (Deadline March 5)

The Stockholm Review of Literature is an online publication with immodest ambitions. It seeks to publish superlative literary fiction, poetry, essays and art, and it undertakes to promote the writers and artists that produce it. Welcoming submissions of previously unpublished, original work, The Stockholm Review of Literature expresses a preference in the following:

  • Short Literary Fiction!
  • Poetry Suited For Lunch Time Reading!
  • De-centered And Uncanny Essays, Interviews and Book Reviews!

And mild to extreme distaste for the following:

  • Sloppiness and pomposity.
  • Adverbs.
  • Terribly inspired things.
  • Plagiarism.

Submissions received between January 2nd (17.01 GMT) – March 5th (17.00 GMT) will be considered for publications in issue 13. 

Creative Nonfiction Call for Instagram Micro Essays 

We're excited to announce that we're expanding the micro-essay contest to Instagram. Participating is simple. Follow us on Instagram (@creativenonfiction). Post an original photo. Write a CNF-worthy caption (note: IG limits captions to 2,200 characters). Add the hashtags #cnfgram and #tinytruth. And we'll do the rest.

What will we be looking for? The same thing we look for in #cnftweets and submissions to the magazine: “True stories, well told.” Find inspiration in an amazing place, an unforgettable character, a moment in time, or current events. Use a photo (note: it should be a photo that you yourself took) to tell half your story and a crafted caption to tell the rest. Every week we'll repost our favorite to our Instagram feed--and we'll share one in our newsletter monthly, and one on our website every third month.

SubTerrain Call for Submissions (Theme Issue: Secrets – Deadline February 15)

Poetry, fiction, nonfiction exploring the idea of secrecy. Personal, corporate, governmental, military -- secrecy is used to cement personal relationships, to guarantee state security, to harbour knowledge. Some consider secrecy one of the main sources of human conflict. We intend to open the doors on the subTerrain confessional.

subTerrain magazine is published 3 times a year from modest offices just off of Main Street in Vancouver, BC. We strive to produce a stimulating fusion of fiction, poetry, photography and graphic illustration from uprising Canadian, U.S. & international writers and artists.

Barrelhouse Call for Blog Submissions (Theme: The Weirdest Love of All – Deadline February 14)

Remember that time your prom date picked you up in his 1970 Chevy Nova and brought you to his house to meet his mom and you posed in your baby blue taffeta and terrible perm in front of the kitchen mural that was painted to look like the Rocky Mountains only this was western Connecticut? Remember how the shutter clicked and clicked and then she squealed at you to follow her into the back room because she had an “awesome idea” and you did because you were fifteen and also slightly stunned by perm chemicals and the overhead fluorescence? And remember then how she made you take off your prom dress and put on her wedding dress to stand next to her son, your date? “Stand a little to the left, honey. Aww, put your arm around him! Give her a big squeeze! Oh, this is the happiest day of my life!”

Yeah….that wasn’t weird at all.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Barrelhouse Blog wants stories, essays and poems of real or imagined Weird Love, Bad Love, Awkward Love, Dress Up in Your Date’s Mother’s Wedding Dress Love. Make us cringe, make us squirm, make us laugh. Make us pity your poor prom date. 

The Journal Non/Fiction Collection Prize (Deadline February 15 – $1500)

The Non/Fiction Collection Prize is awarded annually to a book-length collection of short stories, essays, or a combination of the two. The prize (which in previous iterations was known as the Sandstone Prize and The Ohio State University Prize in Short Fiction) carries a cash award of $1500 and publication with The Ohio State University Press under its standard contract.

Submissions will be read from December 14, 2015 to February 14, 2016. Manuscripts may be no fewer than 150 and no more than 350 typed double-spaced pages. Individual stories or essays that have been previously published may be included in the manuscript, but manuscripts previously published as a whole in any format (including electronic or self-published) are ineligible. Each submission must include a list of acknowledgments of previously published work (title and magazine/journal/anthology) included in the manuscript.


Upcoming Deadlines

Global Citizen and Ben Lovett Call for Submissions (Deadline January 31) 
The Citron Review Call for Submissions (The Queer Issue – Deadline January 31)
Little Tokyo Historical Society 2016 Short Story Contest (Deadline January 31 – $500)
Eleven Eleven: A Journal of Art & Literature Call for Submissions (Deadline January 31)
The Chattahoochee Review Lamar York Prizes for Fiction and Nonfiction (Deadline January 31 – $1000)
The American Short(er) Fiction Contest (Deadline February 1 – $1000)
MIEL Call for Anthology Submissions (Theme: Softness – Deadline February 1)
Barrelhouse Call for Blog Submissions (Theme: The Weirdest Love of All – Deadline February 14)
The Journal Non/Fiction Collection Prize (Deadline February 15 – $1500)
SubTerrain Call for Submissions (Theme Issue: Secrets – Deadline February 15)
Fiction International Call for Submissions (Theme: Taboo – Deadline February 15)
Indiana Review and Indiana University Press Blue Lights Book Prize (Deadline February 15 – $2000 plus publication)
Tin House Call for Submissions (Theme: Sex, Again? – Deadline February 28)
Slice Magazine Call for Submissions (Deadline March 1)
Hunger Mountain Annual Writing Contests (Deadline March 1 – $1000)
The Stockholm Review of Literature Call for Submissions (Deadline March 5)
The Kerouac Project Writer-in-Residence Position (Orlando, FL – Deadline March 13)
Fourth Genre 2016 Steinberg Essay Prize (Deadline March 15)
Djerassi Resident Artists Program (Woodside, CA – Deadline March 15)
Stella Kupferberg Memorial Short Story Prize (Deadline March 15 – $1000 and more)
Realmwalker Publishing Group Inaugural “Write This Speculative Fiction Novel” Contest! (Deadline March 15 – $5000 advance for the novel plus a three book deal)
Granta Call for Submissions (Deadline March 31)

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