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Following the success of our Writers’ Resolution Boot Camp last year, we’re now offering an expanded 13-week program with separate tracks for fiction and memoir writers. From generating ideas to building an author platform, we’ll help you make significant progress on a writing project and start the year off right! For only $90, you will receive inspiration and motivation in the form of weekly e-mails with craft tips, writing prompts, excerpts from classic and contemporary writers, and links to other resources. Contact us today to get started!

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Submission Sunday 1.27.19

Our consultants can help you edit your drafts, prepare your submissions, and find places to submit! Contact us for customized submission assistance.

YesYes Books 2019 Pamet River Prize and Vinyl 45 Chapbook Prize (Deadline February 15 – $1000 & $250)

The Pamet River Prize is an annual, nomination-based contest open to first or second full-length books of poetry or prose by women writers, gender-queer writers and native writers. The winner and finalists will be chosen by KMA Sullivan, YesYes Books Publisher, and Stevie Edwards, Senior Editor of Book Development. YYB may also offer publication to manuscripts beyond the winner. Those authors will receive everything listed above except that the $1000 will be an advance against royalties.

The Vinyl 45 Chapbook contest is open to poetry, prose, and mixed genre chapbook manuscripts, 20-30 pages in length including title page and table of contents. Collaborative manuscripts are eligible for submission. The winner and finalists will be chosen by YesYes Books Publisher and Vinyl Co-Editor-in-Chief KMA Sullivan with help from some of the fantastic YesYes Books/Vinyl editorial staff.

The Chattahoochee Review Lamar York Prizes (Deadline January 31 – $1000)

Two prizes of $1,000.00 each and publication in The Chattahoochee Review are awarded to a winning story and essay in the annual Lamar York Prizes for Fiction and Nonfiction, which honor the founder and former editor of The Chattahoochee Review. The Chattahoochee Review is a literary journal published by Perimeter College at Georgia State University. Appearing regularly since 1981, we appeal to the educated general public for our readership and over the years have expanded our focus to include both international readers and writers.

Although our roots are in the South and we publish important writers such as William Gay, George Singleton, and Natasha Trethewey, we also publish writers from other regions of the US and other countries such as China, Denmark, France, and Mexico. We are committed to exploring literature in translation and to writers who transgress borders, cultural and otherwise. While the Review features poetry, fiction, nonfiction, interviews, reviews, and occasional graphic work, we are also open to nontraditional forms. We value established writers but take great pride in discovering new voices. Work from The Chattahoochee Review is regularly featured in nationally published anthologies and books.

Fiction International
Call for Submissions
(Theme: Body – Deadline Feburary 4)

Fiction International is the only literary journal in the United States emphasizing formal innovation and social activism. Founded by Joe David Bellamy in 1973 at St. Lawrence University in New York, the journal was relocated to San Diego State University in 1982 and is edited by Harold Jaffe.

Each issue revolves around a theme and features a wide variety of fiction, nonfiction, indeterminate prose, and visuals by leading writers and artists from around the world. We have published works by authors such as William Burroughs, Clarice Lispector (Brazil), Robert Coover, Edmund White, Joyce Carol Oates, Walter Abish, Kathy Acker, Ai, Allen Ginsberg, Alberto Moravia (Italy), Pierre Guyotat, George Perec, and Michel Serres (France), Claribel Alegria (Nicaragua), Tadeus Konwicki (Poland), J.M. Coetzee and Bessie Head (South Africa), Roque Dalton (El Salvador), Luisa Valenzuela (Argentina), Einar Schleef (Germany), Lya Luft (Brazil), Mridula Garg (India), Kanuko Okamuto (Japan), and Michael Morrisey (New Zealand).

Lambda Literary Writers Retreat (Santa Monica, CA – Deadline February 1)

The Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices was established in 2007 and is the first of its kind ever offered to LGBTQ writers: a one-week intensive immersion in fiction, nonfiction, poetry, genre fiction and playwriting. The Retreat is an unparalleled opportunity to be mentored by the very best writers in our community, to develop one’s craft, make connections with publishing industry professionals and build a strong community of peers.

Faculty have included Dorothy Allison, Jewelle Gomez, Alex Sanchez, Randall Kenan, Eduardo Corral, Samuel Delany, Claire Carmichael, Nicola Griffith, Ellen Bass, Bernard Cooper, Elana Dykewomon, Katherine V. Forrest, Rigoberto Gonzalez, Cris Beam, Ellery Washington, Carla Trujillo, Eloise Klein Healy, Fenton Johnson, David Groff, Michael Nava, D.A. Powell, Justin Torres, Kazim Ali, Sara Ryan, Linda Villarosa and John Rechy, among others. The 2016 faculty included Andrew Holleran, Sarah Schulman, Robert O’Hara, Joy Ladin, and Benjamin Alire Sáenz. The 2019 Retreat will be held August 4-11th, 2019 on the campus of Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.

Wigleaf Call for Submissions (Deadline January 31)

We feature stories under 1000 words. This year, Wigleaf is celebrating 10 years of Wigleaf Top 50.

Paper Darts Call for Submissions (Deadline February 1)

A magazine of LIT + ART fueled by volunteers and imaginary money since 2009. We prefer art that keeps it simple while packing a punch, and we think art and culture is best enjoyed with enthusiasm that hasn’t been dipped in ten-dollar words. Our online magazine isn’t our print mag’s subordinate—it’s a living, breathing publication that’s accessible to anyone (with internet access) at any time at no cost. And by pairing all of our writing with art, we’re not just making our website pretty—we’re making reading more approachable on the whole. The world’s full of misfits channeling their creativity in ways that give gatekeepers nightmares. Much as we’d like to tilt our heads toward the slush pile and default to the excuse of “we work with what we’re given,” that’s complacent, and complacency is uncool.

Ploughshares Blog Call for Pitches

We are currently accepting pitches to the Ploughshares Blog via email. Critical essays have for many years made up the backbone of the Ploughshares Blog. They engage in deep analysis of literature, both mainstream and niche, offering something new to the conversation about what writing can achieve and how storytelling is significant. They deal in the sociopolitical, the emotional, and the academic. They are strong in voice and distinct in argument. They may overlap slightly with personal essays.

Personal essays for the Ploughshares Blog should have a tie to literature, though we recognize that this may not be direct or overwhelming. They should be strong in character, narrative, voice, and introspection. They should demonstrate, in some capacity, growth or change. They may overlap slightly with critical essays.

We are looking for longform essays that are a blend of literary criticism and personal essay. In these pieces, we are looking for strong voice, narrative, and growth/change (in the very broadest of terms). We would also consider pitches for longform essays that are strictly literary criticism, though are inclined to prefer the former. We are particularly interested in pieces that consider the role of literature.

Mineral School 2019 Artists Residency
(Mineral, WA – Deadline February 15)

Mineral School is an artists residency located in a former 1947 elementary school near Mt. Rainier, in Mineral, Washington. During 2019, we're offering four two-week residency periods to screenwriters, poetry and prose writers, and visual artists, providing accepted applicants with space and time to create new work without the interruptions of normal life and with the bonus of healthy meals prepared by culinary volunteers using locally-grown organic food whenever possible. The May 2019 residency is screenwriter-specific, in partnership with the Rainier Independent Film Festival. During September 2019, we'll offer one one-week residency to 4 writers or artists who are parents of children under 18, through support from the Sustainable Arts Foundation. All other sessions are mixed-resident.

Each resident will live in an 800-square foot former classroom that offers peekaboo views of Mineral Lake and Mt. Rainier, and that will double as their writing studio, with desk and chair, lighting, bookcase, and lots of chalkboards. Visual artist residents will be offered space to work outside of their classrooms (unless they wish or want work in their medium in the room where they sleep). The school building has shared bathrooms with showers. Residents are served all meals daily (plus 24/7 access to a snack fridge and coffee/tea station), and will have the opportunity to share work with the public. Mineral features a swimmable fishing lake, boat rentals, a bar, a B&B, a general store, churches, a post office, and many deer. It's a 25-minute drive to Mt. Rainier National Park.


Upcoming Deadlines

Light Bringer Project The Roswell Award and The Tomorrow Prize 2019 (Deadline January 28 & February 18)
Crazyhorse Prizes (Deadline January 31 – $2000)
Wigleaf Call for Submissions (Deadline January 31)
The Iowa Review Awards (Deadline January 31 – $1500)
Black Lawrence Press Big Moose Prize (Deadline January 31)
The Chattahoochee Review Lamar York Prizes (Deadline January 31 – $1000)
Paper Darts Call for Submissions (Deadline February 1)
The American Short(er) Fiction Contest (Deadline February 1 – $1000)
Lambda Literary Writers Retreat (Santa Monica, CA – Deadline February 1)
Barrelhouse Books 2019 Call for Nonfiction Submissions (Deadline February 1)
Fiction International Call for Submissions (Theme: Body – Deadline Feburary 4)
The Suburban Review Call for Submissions (Theme: Luck – Deadline February 6)
Mineral School 2019 Artists Residency (Mineral, WA – Deadline February 15)
YesYes Books 2019 Pamet River Prize and Vinyl 45 Chapbook Prize (Deadline February 15 – $1000 & $250)
Creative Nonfiction Call for Submissions (Theme: Memoir - Deadline February 25 – $2500)
Clarion Workshop Call for Applications (Deadline March 1)
Gulf Coast: A Journal of Literature and Fine Arts Call for Submissions (Deadline March 1)
Pembroke Magazine Call for Submissions (Deadline March 31)
Waxwing Call for Submissions (Deadline May 1)
Dorothy Call for Manuscript Submissions (Deadline May 1)

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