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Following the success of our Writers’ Resolution Boot Camp last year, we’re now offering an expanded 13-week program with separate tracks for fiction and memoir writers. From generating ideas to building an author platform, we’ll help you make significant progress on a writing project and start the year off right! For only $90, you will receive inspiration and motivation in the form of weekly e-mails with craft tips, writing prompts, excerpts from classic and contemporary writers, and links to other resources. Contact us today to get started!

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Submission Sunday 2.3.13

Want to submit your work but aren't sure what to send or where to send it? Take advantage of our sale on submission consultation services through February 12th!

Vermont Studio Center Residency Fellowships
(Deadline February 15)

The Vermont Studio Center holds three annual fellowship deadlines, with new juries and different awards each time. In 2011, VSC awarded 193 fellowships to artists and writers from the U.S. and 20 other countries. Unless otherwise noted, all of the fellowships listed below are for 4-week residencies at VSC.

The following fellowships are available at our February 15, 2013 Deadline:

  • Vermont Studio Center Fellowships Open to All
  • Pollock-Krasner Foundation Emergency Relief Residencies 
  • NEA Literature in Translation Fellowships 
  • VSC/Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellowships
  • Zoland Poetry Fellowships 
  • Harpo Foundation Native American Fellowships 
  • James Merrill Fellowships 
  • Helen Zell Residency Fellowship 
  • The Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers (ALSCW) Fellowship 
  • Bloomsburg University Fellowship
  • David Bermant Foundation Fellowship 
  • Civil Society Institute Fellowship 
  • Kay Evans Award 
  • Charles C. Gurd Artist Residency Award for Concordia University 

Omnidawn Poetry Chapbook Contest (Deadline April 22)

Omnidawn Publishing was founded by wife and husband team Rusty Morrison and Ken Keegan to create books that are most closely aligned with each author's vision, and to provide an interactive and rewarding publishing experience for poets and writers. We encourage authors to participate at every point in the decision making process of book design and book production, and thus far all have taken an active part, deciding on or providing cover art and assisting in the design of the interior of the books. Omnidawn has been publishing poetry since 2001, with Fabulist and New Fabulist Fiction added in 2006.

The winner of each of the three Omnidawn poetry book competitions wins a cash prize as indicated above for each contest (Chapbook Contest $1000), publication of the book with a full color cover by Omnidawn, 100 free copies of the winning book, and extensive display advertising and publicity, including prominent display ads in American Poetry Review, Poets & Writers Magazine, Rain Taxi Review of Books and other publications. Winning books have been reviewed in Library Journal, American Book Review, The Huffington Post, and other publications, and all winning books that have been published for at least one year have been adopted as texts for college classes.

Avidly Call for Submissions

Avidly is published two times per week, on a roughly academic calendar. It is a place to indulge enthusiasm for thinking and feeling about culture. Many of our writers are academics, and we believe in the work they generate. Others are very much not academics, and we believe in the work they generate.  This is to say that smart people are exciting, intellectual turf wars are boring, and the only thing that matters is how the world is made more vibrant by having read a ton and having thought even more. We write here “with intense eagerness.” We welcome submissions! Please send pieces that are under 1,000 words to submissions [at] avidly.org.

The Kenyon Review Short Fiction Contest (Deadline February 28)

The Kenyon Review, an international journal of literature, culture, and the arts, is published in March, June, September, and December at Kenyon College. 

The contest is open to all writers who have not yet published a book of fiction. Submissions must be 1200 words or fewer. There is no entry fee. Katharine Weber, the Richard L. Thomas Chair in Creative Writing at Kenyon College and author of five critically-acclaimed novels, including Triangle and True Confections, will be the final judge. The Kenyon Review will publish the winning short story in the Winter 2014 issue, and the author will be awarded a scholarship to attend the 2013 Writers Workshop, June 15th-22nd, in Gambier, Ohio. 

The Rumpus Readers Report Back Call for Submissions (Deadline this Thursday, February 7*)

We’re hungry for more writing from Rumpus readers, so we’re now accepting submissions for another “Rumpus Readers Report.”

This time we want you to tackle the theme “Broken Promises.” If you’re like us, you might already be able to report back from a broken New Year’s resolution. But any Broken Promise story is welcome. Please send your submissions, maximum 400 words, to Susan Clements, silentjoy2001 AT yahoo.com. We’ll choose the best ones to run as a feature on the site.

All submissions are due by midnight on Thursday, February 6th.*

[*Note: They probably mean the 7th, but submit on the 6th just to be sure.]

Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat Cheryl Strayed/VIDA Scholarship (Deadline February 14)

Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat is excited to announce a call for applications for the Cheryl Strayed/VIDA Scholarship.  This scholarship, funded by an anonymous donor, will provide the full registration fee for the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat, March 15-17, 2013 to one female writer of literary promise and demonstrated financial need.

The scholarship recipient will be chosen by VIDA, a literary organization that “seeks to explore critical and cultural perceptions of writing by women through meaningful conversation and the exchange of ideas among existing and emerging literary communities.”  Since 2010, VIDA has been conducting “The Count,” which tracks the rate of publication of women writers compared to that of their male counterparts.  

To apply for the scholarship, please read the criterion on the Cheryl Strayed/VIDA Scholarship page and send your application to hburdorff@vidaweb.org with “Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat Scholarship” in the subject line by midnight in one PDF document no later than midnight on February 14, 2013.  The recipient will be announced by the end of February on the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat webpage.

Triple Canopy Call for Proposals from Artists and Writers (Deadline February 11)

Triple Canopy has for the past five years worked to present compelling work online in ways that make innovative use of the Web. In this time, we’ve also been charting an expanded field of publication: creating print objects and public programs that exist in dialogue with our online content, drawing on the history of print culture while also acting as a hub for exploration of emerging forms of technology and the public spaces constituted around them. 

For our fourth annual call for proposals, we wish to intensify our work in a variety of offline forms of print publication and public programming. We are interested in forging connections between books, manuscripts, lectures, performances, exhibitions, among other forms, and our online publishing practice. We believe that a publishing model that engages both real-world and Web-based audiences can prompt artists and writers to develop work that is deeply considered and formally inventive. 

For our 2013 call, we invite artists and writers to submit proposals for projects that may not find their primary realization on the Web, but which may ultimately be published in some form in Triple Canopy's online magazine. The following list, by no means exhaustive, enumerates some of the initial forms such projects might take: 

  • Print broadsheet or pamphlet
  • Print poster
  • Book or e-book
  • Public lecture or seminar
  • Performance
  • Reading
  • Screening
  • Exhibition or installation 

Triple Canopy is looking for artists and writers with coherent proposals for projects that can be realized in one year or less. We are, as ever, in search of work that makes innovative, persuasive use of its own form and medium. While past publication or experience is not a prerequisite, successful applicants will demonstrate fluency in the field in which they wish to publish. Triple Canopy prioritizes work by emerging artists and writers working in the fields of visual art and literature, broadly defined; we appreciate work that takes into account current discussions and debates but is not bound by them, work that is carefully crafted but not fixated on form. 

Book Riot Call for Contributors (Deadline February 11)

We here at the good ship Book Riot are looking for a few new contributors. Sound cool? Here’s how to know if this might be a good fit:

  • If you like to write about books almost as much as you love books, then we’re looking for you.
  • If you can be funny, smart, passionate, and informative about books, reading, and the reading life, then we are looking for you.
  • If you can be both serious and goofy, sometimes in the span of a sentence, then we are looking for you.
  • If you can come up with ideas, participate in collaborative projects, and give feedback to others on their ideas, then we are looking for you. 
  • If you can commit to writing at least two posts a month, then we are looking for you. 

There are a few areas we are especially interested in right now: sci-fi/fantasy, Christian, self-published, romance, mysteries and thrillers, and young adult. If these aren’t your passions, not to worry. But if one or more of these rings your bell, then we are going to be so sad if we don’t hear from you.

The San Diego Foundation Creative Catalyst Fund: Individual Artist Fellowship Program (Deadline February 27)

Creative Catalyst Fund: Individual Artist Fellowship Program (CCF Fellowship Program) provides opportunities for local professional artists to create new work that advances their careers and encourages civic engagement and social change in San Diego neighborhoods. Through partnerships with 25 pre-selected nonprofit arts and culture organizations, The San Diego Foundation will fund fellowships ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 for up to 10 local professional artists. 

San Diego-based professional artists working in the disciplines of visual, performing, literary and film arts and at all stages of their careers are eligible to apply. Artists must be at least 18 years old and not currently enrolled or plan to enroll in a degree program during the fellowship. Awards will be used to develop new work with fellowships beginning July 2013 and ending by June 30, 2014.

The CCF Fellowship Program will provide:

  • Artist Fellowships: Competitive grant program to provide artists with the gift of time, space, mentorship and community to create new work.
  • Professional Development: Training to enhance the Fellows’ business knowledge and career prospects as creative entrepreneurs.

Seal Press/She Writes Publishing Contract Contest (Deadline March 15)

This contest is open to She Writers who are writing in the categories that Seal Press publishes. Our mission at She Writes is to support the efforts of women who write, and through this contest, we are using our networks, connections, and platform to provide one first-time woman author a publishing contract with Seal Press, for publication in spring 2014.   

The winner will be selected on the basis of the merit of her entry, which consists of a query letter and a full nonfiction book proposal. We stress that you must submit a full nonfiction book proposal with all the necessary components. The winner will receive this priceless prize---a book deal from Seal Press---so please take your time and make sure the proposal you’re submitting is not rushed and includes everything an editor would need to make the case for acquiring your book.  

She Writes believes that all too often, writers struggle to have their work discovered for two primary reasons: 1) it is hard to get attention when you don’t have any personal connections or contacts in the publishing industry; and 2) it is hard to know, as an outsider, exactly which agents or publishing houses to query, and how.  Through this contest, we’re thrilled to be leveraging our own relationships to be making this exclusive and very exciting offering. And we thank Seal Press SO MUCH for their support and collaboration, and for valuing the She Writes community so much that they want to join with us to offer a She Writer a publishing contract.

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