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Following the success of our Writers’ Resolution Boot Camp last year, we’re now offering an expanded 13-week program with separate tracks for fiction and memoir writers. From generating ideas to building an author platform, we’ll help you make significant progress on a writing project and start the year off right! For only $90, you will receive inspiration and motivation in the form of weekly e-mails with craft tips, writing prompts, excerpts from classic and contemporary writers, and links to other resources. Contact us today to get started!

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Submission Sunday 3.10.19

Our consultants can help you edit your drafts, prepare your submissions, and find places to submit! Contact us for customized submission assistance.

DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press Chapbook Contest (Deadline April 26 – $1000)

The 2019 New Michigan Press/DIAGRAM chapbook contest is up and running. We pick the majority of our chapbook list each year from the ranks of the chapbook contest finalists, so this is the best way to get your work read by our eager readers. And what's more, it's all read blind. Plus you get a free chapbook for entering. Deadline's 04.26.19. $1000 + publication to the winner + publication to a handful of finalists.

DIAGRAM is an electronic journal of text and art. As our name indicates, we're interested in representations. In naming. In indicating. In schematics. In the labelling and taxonomy of things. In poems that masquerade as stories; in stories that disguise themselves as indices or obituaries. We value the insides of things, vivisection, urgency, risk, elegance, flamboyance, work that moves us, language that does something new, or does something old--well. We like iteration and reiteration. Ruins and ghosts. Mechanical, moving parts, balloons, and frenzy. Buzz us.

The Spectacle Call for Submissions (Deadline March 15)

We’re a little cracked, and we like it that way. We aim for content that reminds us that our lenses matter—they focus, distort, clarify, conceal. We seek out and publish revelatory writing, while also knowing that there are forms of revelation that come only through distortion or concealment. Aristotle, in his Poetics, isolated six aspects of dramatic art, of which “spectacle” (opsis) was the least important. We disagree.

We like scholars who write great poetry, poets who write incisive monographs, credulous skeptics, wary believers, hidebound experimentalists, radical realists, mystical engineers, analytical mystics, catholic snobs, and modish antiquarians. We have a soft spot for keen amateurs and sincere dilettantes. We actively seek to transgress the border between creative and critical work: see, for example, Dan Beachy-Quick’s essay-poems in our inaugural issue.

The Spectacle is based out of the English, Creative Writing, and Visual Art departments at Washington University in St. Louis. We are committed to publishing work from under-represented voices, including people of color, women, LGBTQ and gender-non-conforming artists/writers, and people who have disabilities. The Spectacle publishes issues twice a year; our blog, The REVUE, features a more frequently revolving cast of flash, poems, comedy writing, reviews, and other pieces.

Sonora Review 2019 Poetry & Fiction Call & Contest (Theme: Doubt – Deadline March 15 – $1000)

For Issue 76, we seek work that shows us doubt in its many forms and how we go about expressing it. R.O. Kwon will judge the fiction contest and Raquel Salas Rivera will judge the poetry contest.

This call is two-fold:

  1. Fiction and poetry contest submissions.
  2. Non-contest submissions, in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and flash prose.
Our doubts are tethered to our beliefs. And are when they come into conflict is that when the “real work” begins as Wendell Berry suggests? If so, how do we reckon with our doubts? How does a someone handle doubt in a marriage versus doubt in a religion? Which is to say, how does doubt shape-shift from person to person, culture to culture? Are there ideas, situations, conflicts that return us back, always, to what we know and don’t know? Which means returning us, always, back to doubt?

The Wax Paper
Call for Submissions
(Deadline June 30)

The Wax Paper is seeking all forms of moving words and still images for our quarterly printed broadsheet. We are distributed nationally and all written work will be archived on our website in audio format. Current reading period is open until June 30th. All contributors are given a lifetime subscription.

The Wax Paper is a broadsheet publication open to all forms of written word, image, and collected conversation. The Wax Paper will contain two sheets printed quarterly on heavy (35lb.) newsprint in broadsheet format (22" x 28"). The first priority of The Wax Paper is to expand our understanding of the people we share the world with, and in doing so, expand our understanding of ourselves. Pieces will be selected on their ability to illuminate the humanity and significance of the subjects that inhabit the work.

The Wax Paper was inspired by the life of Louis “Studs” Terkel. Our name is taken after his first radio show, The Wax Museum, a groundbreaking program, emblematic of his democratic fondness of variety, in which arias were played alongside folk ballads. We look to populate The Wax Paper with pieces that share the spirit inherent in Studs’ written work.  Work that required patient observation, remained steadfast in its empathy, and displayed genuine vitality.

Blood Orange Review
Inaugural Literary Contest
(Deadline April 30 – $500)

Winners in each genre (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry) will receive $500 and publication in the contest issue of Blood Orange Review. All entries will also be considered for publication in a forthcoming issue of Blood Orange Review. The contest judges are Aisha Sabatini Sloan (nonfiction), Aimee Phan (fiction), and Jericho Brown (poetry).

Blood Orange Review  was founded by Stephanie Lenox and H.K. Hummel, and its inaugural issue appeared online in April 2006. The first thirty issues encompass over 200 writers and artists. In 2008, Bryan Fry, an English Department faculty member at Washington State University, joined the editorial team and established a student internship, which allowed the journal to serve as an educational tool for students interested in editing.

Polis Books Call for Pitches: Both Sides—An Anthology of Border Noir (Deadline April 1)

We are thrilled to announce BOTH SIDES: An Anthology of Border Noir, edited by Bram Stoker Award nominee Gabino Iglesias. We are officially accepting submissions for this unique, timely, and important anthology. Agora Books, the new imprint dedicated to publishing diverse voices in crime fiction, will release BOTH SIDES in 2020.

From Gabino Iglesias: La frontera is full of stories. Real stories, not those Trump makes up. The border is a powerful place where countries collide. It’s a weird space of dreams, struggles, promises, lies, fear, and redemption. It’s a multicultural and bilingual space where people know that hustling to protect your loved ones or offer them a better life is a drive strong enough to blur ethical codes. Sadly, the border is also a place where drugs make people a lot of money, corruption stains everything, and violence fills the landscape with danger and ghosts. In ZERO SAINTS, I wrote this: “What happens when you cross la frontera is that you shatter, you stop being you and turn into a new person that belongs nowhere, that has no home, no roots. Going back is impossible and moving forward is like jumping into a cave and hoping that it’s not too deep, that the rocks don’t mangle you too much, and that el monstruo that waits for you en la oscuridad is not too hungry.” Now I want some of the most talented authors to visit this space from their perspective. I want them to show the world what they see on both sides. It’s time to give border noir the attention it deserves.

Short Fiction Prize
(Deadline April 30 – $2000)

Submissions are open March 1 to April 30, 2019. Guest judge Elizabeth McCracken will choose three stories from a shortlist of fifteen. CRAFT works with all writers, established as well as emerging. We use craft as a focal point and a lens through which to present fiction.

Each published work of fiction includes an author’s note which discusses the craft in the story. We love that this gives each writer the opportunity to present an inside look at their work. In some cases, authors speak about the origin of a story. Others write about a specific element, such as point-of-view or the use of time. In every case, we’ve been inspired to reread the story after reading the author’s note, and we hope you will want to do the same!

MacDowell Colony Fellowships (Peterborough, NH – Deadline April 15)

The mission of The MacDowell Colony is to nurture the arts by offering creative individuals of the highest talent an inspiring environment in which they can produce enduring works of the imagination. The sole criterion for acceptance is artistic excellence, which The MacDowell Colony defines in a pluralistic and inclusive way. We encourage applications from artists representing the widest possible range of perspectives and demographics, and who are investigating an unlimited array of inquiries and concerns.

The MacDowell Colony provides time, space, and an inspiring environment to artists of exceptional talent. A MacDowell Fellowship, or residency, consists of exclusive use of a studio, accommodations, and three prepared meals a day for up to eight weeks. There are no residency fees. MacDowell Fellows are selected by our admissions panels, which are comprised of a revolving group of distinguished professionals in each artistic discipline who serve anonymously for three years.


Upcoming Deadlines   

The Spectacle
Call for Submissions
(Deadline March 15)
Jet Fuel Review Call for Submissions (Deadline March 15)
The Missouri Review
Miller Audio Prize
(Deadline March 15 – $1000)
Djerassi Resident Artists Program (Woodside, CA – Deadline March 15)
Sonora Review 2019 Poetry & Fiction Call & Contest (Theme: Doubt – Deadline March 15 – $1000)

Pembroke Magazine Call for Submissions (Deadline March 31)
Memoir Mixtapes Call for Submissions (Vol. 9: Family – Deadline March 31)
Crannóg Call for Submissions (Open for month of March)
Chautauqua Call for Submissions (Deadline April 1)
Polis Books Call for Pitches: Both Sides—An Anthology of Border Noir (Deadline April 1)
MacDowell Colony Fellowships (Peterborough, NH – Deadline April 15)

Esalen Writer's Camp Emerging Voices Fellowship (Deadline April 15)
The Frost Place Latinx and Gregory Pardlo Scholarships (Franconia, NH – Deadline April 15)
DIAGRAM/New Michigan Press Chapbook Contest (Deadline April 26 – $1000)
CRAFT Short Fiction Prize (Deadline April 30 – $2000)
Blood Orange Review Inaugural Literary Contest (Deadline April 30 – $500)
Waxwing Call for Submissions (Deadline May 1)
Dorothy Call for Manuscript Submissions (Deadline May 1)
Catapult/Soft Skull Tiny Nightmares Call for Anthology Submissions (Deadline May 1 – $100)
The Wax Paper
Call for Submissions
(Deadline June 30)

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