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Submission Sunday 4.29.18

Our consultants can help you edit your drafts, prepare your submissions, and find places to submit! Contact us for customized submission assistance.

American Short Fiction Halifax Ranch Fiction Prize (Deadline June 1 – $2500)

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting submissions to our brand new Halifax Ranch Fiction Prize. The winner of the prize will receive $2,500 and publication in an upcoming issue of American Short Fiction. Submissions will be open until June 1, 2018. We’re kicking things off with a bang as our inaugural judge will be the incomparable ZZ Packer, whose writing has been hailed by everyone from John Updike to Oprah. George Saunders called Packer a wonderful writer “who somehow manages to indict the species and forgive it all at once.” We are so pleased and honored to have her as our first ever judge for this prize.

Bennington Review
Call for Submissions
(Deadline May 15)

Bennington Review is a national biannual print journal of innovative, intelligent, and moving poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and film writing, housed at Bennington College.

We intend to reinforce the value of the bound print journal as an intimate, curated cultural space in which a reader can encounter and experience new work with a degree of immersion not wholly possible through other media. We hope to bring together writing that is as playful as it is probing, that simultaneously makes lasting intellectual and emotional connections with a reader. Bennington Review aims to contribute distinctive style and substance to the national literary conversation through publishing sharp, unexpected, original poetry and prose from a geographically broad and culturally rich spectrum of prominent, up-and-coming, and new voices.

Exposition Review Flash 405 Contest (Theme: Magnetism – Deadline May 5)

Flash 405 is Exposition Review’s multi-genre short form writing competition, awarding cash prizes and online publication to the winners. In an age where many things attract and repulse us (technology, food, sexuality, and politics, to name a few), it is a curious thing to explore and reflect on what our position is in relation to these elements that make up so much of our immediate world. Everything we navigate now seems incredibly polarized, albeit with mostly good reason, the idea of being magnetized by known and unknown forces leaves an entire field for the many versions of ourselves to live in.

In essence, magnetism defines the way most of us sort of passively define our universe in both tangible and intangible ways. Push and pull, give and take, karma and serendipity; the act of catch and release. How do you place yourself, an object moving through the current of a largely uncontrollable, and charged pulse?”

BOMB Biennial Poetry Contest (Deadline May 6 – $1000)

Each year BOMB hosts a literary contest to recognize the talents of an emerging writer, selected by a distinguished guest judge in the field. This year’s winner will receive a $1,000 prize and publication in BOMB’s literary supplement, First Proof.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s poetry contest will be judged by Dawn Lundy Martin. The poet, essayist, and conceptual video artist is the author of four books of poems, most recently Good Stock Strange Blood (Coffee House Press, 2017), which Maggie Nelson called “a real-time excavation of what poetry can and can’t do; how the past is never past; how to stand in the blur, the ‘griefmouth’ of personal and collective pain and somehow—against all odds—make thought, make fury, make song.” Martin is a professor of English in the writing program at the University of Pittsburgh, director of the Center for African American Poetry and Poetics, and a writer-in-residence at Bard College.

The Georgia Review Call for Submissions (Deadline May 14)

The Georgia Review—the University of Georgia’s journal of arts and letters—grew out of discussions in 1944 between John Donald Wade, then chair of the English Department, and Harmon Caldwell, the school’s president, as a solution to the “sad and swift submergence” of college graduates’ “intellectual vitality,” as Wade put it, especially in Georgia. The Review’s first issue, published in 1947, announced a magazine “turning on subjects of special interest to Georgians, and all, as nearly as feasible, written by Georgians or people associated with Georgia,” but the once regional journal broadened its reach over the decades to come.

The Georgia
Review seeks to create a lasting environment for literature by supporting writers at every stage of their careers. Committed to the art of editorial practice, the Review collaborates with authors of essays, stories, poems, and reviews in pursuit of works of enduring appeal that engage with the evolving concerns and interests of readers from around the world. Our aim in curating content is not only to elevate literature, publishing, and the arts, but also to promote diversity and to help facilitate socially conscious partnerships in our surrounding communities.

Storm Cellar Force Majeure Flash Contest
(Deadline May 16 – $300)

Force Majeure: a great and unexpected power. We're looking for the best small things, any form, any content, any fine and wonderful creation.

Storm Cellar is a literary journal of safety and danger. We place a special emphasis on the Midwest, but even more emphasis on amazing writing and art. We aim to display aesthetic ambition as well as the work of authors and artists who are under-represented in the Anglophone literary world. We want everybody to get weird and enlightened and learn and fall in love and have superpowers. We want to surprise and delight and horrify and provoke. Storm Cellar is not a distraction but a cure for boredom.

Territory Call for Submissions (Theme: Journeys)

Territory is a literary project about territories and the maps that will always fail to capture them. It’s about the naive dream of objectivity, and how we use the act of representation to both hide and broadcast our subjectivities.

For our ninth issue, Journeys, we are looking for work that reimagines and reinterprets these stories, work that challenges the primacy they have on our narratives, work that engages with the geography of movement or with the movement of geography. Consider the many possible journeys and their maps:

A-to-B, acid trips, The Aeneid, The Age of Discovery, The Apollo Program, ascensions & descents, circuits, diaspora, Don Quixote, dromomania, Easy Rider (1969), El Camino de la Muerte / Yungas, exile, exodus, exploration, geodesics, globalization, the Great Migration, Hajj & Umrah, Hawaiʻiloa, The Hero’s Journey, The Holy Mountain (1973), homecomings, hunts, Ibn Battuta, immigration & emigration, isochronic maps, journeymen, junkets, Junrei (巡礼), the knight-errant / white knight, Leif Ericson, the Lewis & Clark expedition, lost expeditions, maiden voyages, The Middle Passage, National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983), nomadism, odysseys, The Oregon Trail, the Prodigal Son, Rōnin (浪人), Route 66, The Road Less Traveled, road trips, rush hour, The Silk Road, Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay, spawning, Stalker (1979), tele/commuting, the Trans-Siberian Railway, The Trail of Tears, trafficking, travel writing, Vasco de Gama, Voyages extraordinaires, walkabout, wanderlust, white flight, wild goose chases.

Frontier Poetry Industry Prize (Deadline May 15 – $3000)

We are looking for poetry that pushes language forward, for poets and poems that strive to place themselves at the edge of what language can do. But this does not mean that we are only concerned with experimental poetry. We believe that sonnets can be at the frontier, book-length poems can be at the frontier, confessional poetry can be at the frontier—as long as a piece is constructed with exceptional consideration for language & craft, that poem is a fit for us.

Work by diverse poets and underrepresented voices is also very important for us to publish. We take our role as gatekeeper between poet and world extremely seriously and wish to use our platform as fairly and justly as we can. We warmly invite all voices to join us. The frontier land of poetry, that far territory where all voices are equal, pushing toward the vast unknown spaces of the human spirit—we will plant ourselves there & report back to the world the beauty found.

For this prize, we want to give our submitters a chance to be read by some of the most influential persons across our industry: a magazine editor, a director of a professional poetry organization, and a book editor. The winner of the Industry Prize will receive $3000 and publication on Frontier. The second and third place poems will win $200 and $100 respectively.The editors of Frontier will select the finalists from which the judges will make their decisions. Most exciting of all: the poems will be validated by a panel of leaders in our poetry community.


Upcoming Deadlines

Tin House Summer Workshop (July 8-15, 2018 – Deadline April 29)
1888 Plaza Literary Prize
(Deadline April 30)
CRAFT Short Fiction Prize (Deadline April 30 – $2000)
NPR All Things Considered Call for Your Best Poetry Tweets (April 30)
Soft Skull Press Open Call for Manuscript Submissions  (Deadline April 30)
Bayou Magazine Call for Submissions
 (Deadline May 1)
The Normal School Nonfiction Series
from Outpost19 Call for Submissions
(Deadline May 1) 
Exposition Review Flash 405 Contest (Theme: Magnetism – Deadline May 5)
Biennial Poetry Contest (Deadline May 6 – $1000)
The Georgia Review Call for Submissions (Deadline May 14)
Frontier Poetry
Industry Prize
(Deadline May 15 – $3000)
Bennington Review
Call for Submissions (Deadline May 15)
Ploughshares Emerging Writer's Contest (Deadline May 15 – $2000)
LIT Call for Submissions (Deadline May 30)
Kweli Call for Submissions (Deadline May 30)
The Gettysburg Review Call for Submissions (Deadline May 31)
The Threepenny Review
Call for Submissions
(Deadline June 1)
American Short Fiction
Halifax Ranch Fiction Prize
(Deadline June 1 – $2500)
PEN America Writing for Justice Fellowship (Deadline July 1 – $10,000)
Creative Nonfiction Call for Submissions (Theme: Let's Talk About Sex – Deadline July 16 – $1000)

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