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Submission Sunday 4.3.16

Our consultants can help you edit your drafts, prepare your submissions, and find places to submit! Contact us for customized submission assistance.

Southwest Review David Nathan Meyerson Prize for Fiction (Deadline May 1 – $1000)

Named for the late David Nathan Meyerson (1967-1998), a therapist and talented writer who died before he was able to show to the greater world the full fruits of his literary potential, the prize consists of $1,000 and publication in SWR. With the generous support of Marlene, Marti, and Morton Meyerson, the award will continue to honor David Meyerson's memory by encouraging and taking notice of other writers of great promise.

Begun in 1915 and located on the campus of Southern Methodist University,  Southwest Review is the third oldest, continuously published literary quarterly in the United States. Selections from  Southwest Review have been reprinted in volumes of The O. Henry Prize StoriesThe Pushcart PrizeThe Best American Short StoriesThe Best American EssaysThe Best American PoetryNew Stories from the South, and elsewhere.

Creative Nonfiction Call for Submissions
(Theme: Joy – Deadline May 16)

Too often the moments that move us to write are bleak ones—stories of loss, hardship, or learning through painful interactions. For this issue we’re looking for well-crafted narratives that explore the brighter moments in life, those that teach and enlighten us through their beauty or humor.

Your tale of joy need not revolve around ecstatic delight or a once-in-a-lifetime moment; we are equally interested in thoughtfully-written pieces about finding pleasure in small things or unexpected places, and in works that highlight moments of joy in the midst of otherwise difficult circumstances. We also welcome less common approaches to this topic: the science of happiness, the history of some particularly joyful event, pop-cultural manifestations of bliss, and so on.

Essays must be vivid and dramatic; they should combine a strong and compelling narrative with an informative or reflective element and reach beyond a strictly personal experience for some universal or deeper meaning. They should approach the topic of joy sincerely—we’re not looking for a bitter or ironic take on happiness—but should at the same time avoid sentimental, uncomplicated “feel-good” stories. We're looking for well-written prose, rich with detail and a distinctive voice; all essays must tell true stories and be factually accurate.

Isthmus Call for Submissions

Isthmus is a print journal of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry published biannually in Seattle, Washington. Our goal is to produce a thoughtful, memorable reading experience that showcases a range of styles and perspectives. We hope to bring a little of Seattle to the world and a little of the rest of the world to Seattle.

Full Frontal's Mentorship Program (Deadline April 10) 

Our intention with this mentorship program is to open up the process to people who have traditionally been excluded from writers' rooms by unconscious or deliberate bias. Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is a weekly late-night comedy series hosted by Samantha Bee, formerly the longest-serving correspondent on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Full Frontal offers a unique satirical take on weekly news and explores other important stories in-depth that have been largely overlooked by more traditional media outlets.

Assay Call for Submissions (Theme: Best American Essays – Deadline May 1)

2016 is the 30th anniversary of the Best American Essays series and we can’t think of a better gift than attention paid to this institution that forms so much of who we are as a genre. Essay Daily started things off so well with their Advent project in December—and if you haven’t checked it out, you’ll want to. Best American Essays, as a literary series and foundational element of our genre, is such a rich source of conversation. As we also celebrate BAE’s anniversary and Nick’s project, we will devote a section of the magazine in both 3.1 (Fall 2016) and 3.2 (Spring 2017) to interrogating BAE as the standard-bearer of the genre, the pedagogy of teaching with it, analysis of individual pieces, and any other place creativity strikes.

We’re looking for full scholarly articles, we’re looking for informal discussions, we’re looking for pedagogical theory, lesson plans, assignments, and more. The introductions to BAE have long been considered the beginnings of nonfiction theory–where does that put us as a genre? If you’re not sure what you’re working on is something we’d be interested in, please ask us!

Red Hen Press and The Los Angeles Review are pleased to announce the inception of a brand new bi-annual award series. A prize of $1,000 and publication in The Los Angeles Review will be given to four authors each issue for exceptional writing in each genre.

The Los Angeles Review, a semi-annual literary journal established in 2003, is the voice of Los Angeles, and the voice of the nation. With its multitude of cultures, Los Angeles roils at the center of the cauldron of divergent literature emerging from the West Coast. Perhaps from this place something can emerge that speaks to the writer or singer or dancer or wild person in all of us, something disturbing, something alive, something of the possibility of what it could be to be human in the 21st century.

Poetry Magazine Call for Submissions

Poetry regularly presents new work by the most recognized poets, but its primary commitment is still to discover new voices. In recent years, over a third of the poets published have been new to the magazine. Annual translation issues deepen readers’ engagement with foreign-language poetry, and regular Q&A features present conversations with poets about their work. Poetry is also known for its enlivening “Comment” section, featuring book reviews, essays, notebooks, and “The View from Here” column, which highlights artists and professionals from outside the poetry world writing about their experience of poetry. 

Community of Writers at Squaw Valley Writers Workshops (July 25–August 1, 2016 – Deadline April 12)

These workshops assist serious writers by exploring the art and craft as well as the business of writing. The week offers daily morning workshops, craft lectures, panel discussions on editing and publishing, staff readings, and brief individual conferences. The morning workshops are led by staff writer-teachers, editors, or agents. There are separate morning workshops for Fiction and Narrative Nonfiction/Memoir. In addition to their workshop manuscripts, participants may have a second manuscript read by a staff member who meets with them in individual conferences. Nonfiction or memoir submissions should be in a narrative form. Travel, self-help, how-to, and scholarly works will not be considered. 


Upcoming Deadlines

The Carson McCullers Center Marguerite and Lamar Smith Fellowship for Writers (Columbus, GA – Deadline April 1) 
Full Frontal's Mentorship Program (Deadline April 10) 
Community of Writers at Squaw Valley Writers Workshops (July 25–August 1, 2016 – Deadline April 12)
New Ohio Review Call for Submissions and 2016 Prizes (Deadline April 15)
Proximity Magazine Call for Submissions (Theme: Reunion – Deadline April 15)
Ninth Letter's 2016 Literary Awards (Deadline April 29 – $1000) 
Redivider Beacon Street Prize (Deadline April 30 – $1000)
Arcadia 2016 Dead Bison Editors' Prize (Deadline April 30 – $1000)
Huizache: The Magazine of Latino Literature Call for Submissions (Deadline April 30)
Sarabande Books 2016 Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction (Deadline April 30 – $2000)
Fugue Call for Submissions (Deadline May 1)
Story Call for Submissions (Theme: Identity – Deadline May 1)
Assay Call for Submissions (Theme: Best American Essays – Deadline May 1)
Southwest Review David Nathan Meyerson Prize for Fiction (Deadline May 1 – $1000)
The Los Angeles Review Awards in Short Fiction, Flash Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, & Poetry (Deadline May 1 – $1000)
Ploughshares Emerging Writer's Contest (Deadline May 15 – $1000)
Creative Nonfiction Call for Submissions (Theme: Joy – Deadline May 16)
Literary Death Match's 250-Word Bookmark Contest (Deadline May 18 – $100)
Posit: A Journal of Literature and Art Call for Submissions (Deadline May 31)
One Story Call for Submissions (Deadline May 31)
Harvard Review Call for Submissions (Deadline May 31)
Hourglass Literary Magazine Short Story, Essay, and Poem Competition (Deadline May 31 – $1000)

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