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Submission Sunday 6.11.17

Our consultants can help you edit your drafts, prepare your submissions, and find places to submit! Contact us for customized submission assistance.

Dzanc Books Prize for Fiction / Disquiet Open Borders Book Prize / Short Story Collection Prize (Deadline September 15 – $2,500-$10,000)

The Dzanc Books Prize for Fiction recognizes daring, original, and innovative writing. A $10,000 advance and publication in Fall 2018 by Dzanc Books will be awarded to the winner. Finalists will be compiled in-house and passed along for evaluation to this year’s judges: Lindsey Drager (The Lost Daughter Collective and The Sorrow Proper), Chrissy Kolaya (Charmed Particles), and Daniel A. Hoyt, author of This Book Is Not For You, winner of the inaugural Prize for Fiction. 

Established in 2017, the Dzanc Books/Disquiet Open Borders Book Prize seeks book-lengthmanuscripts in fiction or nonfiction exhibiting a marked commitment to mutual understanding and cultural exchange across the globe. As the United States Government moves to erect barriers both physical and legal, Dzanc Books and the Disquiet International Literary Program in Lisbon, Portugal, strive to promote literature that crosses boundaries and to advocate for a diverse, global literary discourse. The winning submission will be awarded a $5,000 advance and publication in Fall 2018 by the Disquiet imprint of Dzanc Books.

The Dzanc Books Short Story Collection Prize celebrates imaginative and inventive writing in the short form. Past winners include Josh Emmons (A Moral Tale and Other Moral Tales), Kirstin Allio (Clothed, Female Figure), Anne Valente (By Light We Knew Our Names), and Jen Grow (My Life as a Mermaid). The winning submission will be awarded a $2,500 advance and publication in Fall 2018 by Dzanc Books.

The Matador Review Call for Submissions (Deadline August 31)

Alternative art and literature magazine The Matador Review is now accepting submissions for the Fall 2017 publication. We publish poetry, fiction, flash fiction, and creative non-fiction, inviting all unpublished literature written in the English language (and translations that are accompanied by the original text) as well as many forms of visual art. The call for submissions will end August 31.

Our purpose is to promote "alternative work" from both art and literature, and to encourage the new-wave of respect for online publications. In each issue, we offer a selection of work from both emerging and established artists, as well as exclusive interviews and book reviews from creators who are, above all else, provocative. For us, alternative is a way of voice and experience. It is the distinction from what is conventional, and it advocates for a progressive attitude.


The Gravity of the Thing Call for Submissions (Deadline July 31)

The Gravity of the Thing is an independent literary magazine dedicated to the publication of new and innovative writing. Since the journal’s inception in 2013, The Gravity of the Thing has been named one of thirty best online magazines in 2016 (Bookfox) and one of fifteen best literary journals of 2015 (Authors Publish Magazine). We publish work that is aware of its literary form, writing that defamiliarizes in craft or content for an enhanced rendering of reality.

Defamiliarization: an artistic or literary technique that presents the common in unfamiliar ways; that which has been taken for granted reenvisioned, made strange, to heighten a reader’s perception of the familiar. “The purpose of art is to impart the sensation of things as they are perceived and not as they are known.” —Viktor Shklovsky, “Art as Technique”

The Gravity of the Thing publishes writers of varying experience. We encourage previously unpublished writers to submit, and we aim to support writing by those often marginalized in the literary conversation, including (though certainly not limited to) people of color, women, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA people, and people with intersectional identities.

Wasafiri New Writing Prize (Deadline July 14 – £300)

Wasafiri encourages readers and writers to travel the world via the word. For over three decades, we have created a dynamic platform for mapping new landscapes in contemporary international writing featuring a diverse range of voices from across the UK and beyond. Committed to profiling the ‘best of tomorrow’s writers today’ we simultaneously celebrate those who have become established literary voices, offering a creative space for dialogue and debate. We welcome submissions in one of three categories: Poetry, Fiction, and Life Writing (the competition is open to anyone who has not published a complete book in the category entered).

Call for Submissions

At Squalorly, we believe in solid writing. Period. So, suspend our disbelief and ground us in reality. Move, amaze, horrify, and educate us about the complex world in which we live. Bare your soul and bleed on the page.

We publish storytellers. Whether they are MFAs or ditch diggers is of little concern, so long as the words seem to have clawed their way onto the page, defying the will of the author, with little regard for sleep, safety or comfort. The words that we love have a mind of their own. They exist out of necessity and apologize for nothing. They are both careful and reckless and leave us screaming for more.

Squalorly is 100% independent. As in, we are staff funded and reader driven. We do this because we believe it is necessary and vital to our existence. We do this because we love the written word. We do this because we believe that literature deserves to be published beautifully and unobtrusively, no matter the medium. And, above all, we do this for you.

CONSEQUENCE Magazine 2017 Women Writing War Award (Deadline September 15 – $250)

CONSEQUENCE is an international literary magazine published annually, focusing on the culture and consequences of war. Entries must capture the nuances of the cultures and consequences of war; the topic is not limited to military matters, but includes social, political, and cultural subjects. Entries must be submitted online, and a non-refundable $10 entry fee is payable through PayPal. Previously published works (print and electronic, including websites and blogs) and works accepted for publication elsewhere cannot be considered.

Oyez Review Call for Submissions (Deadline October 1)

Oyez Review is the literary magazine of the Creative Writing Program at Roosevelt University. It is published annually, edited by a staff of MFA candidates under the direction of a faculty member with professional experience in the publishing world. Founded in 1965, Oyez Review has featured work by such writers as Charles Bukowski, James McManus, Carla Panciera, Michael Onofrey, Tim Foley, John N. Miller, Gary Fincke, and Barry Silesky, and visual artists Thomas C. Jackson, Steve Harp, Vivian Nunley, C. Taylor, Jennifer Troyer, and Frank Spidale.

The name Oyez comes from the Anglo-Norman word for hear ye, the imperative plural of oyer, meaning "to hear." It was used as a call for silence and attention in court and at public gatherings. Oyez Review accepts previously unpublished submissions of fictioncreative nonfictionpoetry, and art. There are no restrictions on style, theme, or subject matter.

Princeton Arts Fellowship / The Hodder Fellowship at Princeton University (Deadline September 19 – $80,000)

Princeton Arts Fellowships, funded in part by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, will be awarded to artists whose achievements have been recognized as demonstrating extraordinary promise in any area of artistic practice and teaching. Applicants should be early career poets, novelists, choreographers, playwrights, designers, performers, directors, filmmakers, composers, and performance artists–this list is not meant to be exhaustive–who would find it beneficial to spend two years teaching and working in an artistically vibrant university community. Princeton Arts Fellows spend two consecutive academic years (September 1-July 1) at Princeton University and formal teaching is expected. 

The Hodder Fellowship will be given to artists and writers of exceptional promise to pursue independent projects at Princeton University during the academic year. Potential Hodder Fellows are writers, composers, choreographers, visual artists, performance artists, or other kinds of artists or humanists who have “much more than ordinary intellectual and literary gifts”; they are selected more “for promise than for performance.” Given the strength of the applicant pool, most successful Fellows have published a first book or have similar achievements in their own fields; the Hodder is designed to provide Fellows with the “studious leisure” to undertake significant new work.


Upcoming Deadlines

Vermont Studio Center Residency Fellowship (Deadline June 15)
Anthropoid Call for Submissions (Theme: The Future – Deadline June 15)
Sweet Flash Essay Contest (Deadline June 25 – $500)
Wasafiri New Writing Prize (Deadline July 14 – £300)
Rattle Poetry Prize (Deadline July 15 – $10,000)
Barrelhouse Call for Nonfiction Submissions (Deadline July 15)
Santa Fe Writers Project Awards Program (Deadline July 20 – $1500)
The Gravity of the Thing Call for Submissions (Deadline July 31)
PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Fellowship (Deadline August 1)
LitMag Call for Submissions (Deadline August 15 – $1000 for prose)
The Matador Review Call for Submissions (Deadline August 31)
Fear No Lit Submerging Writer Fellowship (Deadline August 31)
CONSEQUENCE Magazine 2017 Women Writing War Award (Deadline September 15 – $250)
Dzanc Books Prize for Fiction / Disquiet Open Borders Book Prize / Short Story Collection Prize (Deadline September 15 – $2,500-$10,000)
Princeton Arts Fellowship / The Hodder Fellowship at Princeton University (Deadline September 19 – $80,000)
Oyez Review Call for Submissions (Deadline October 1)

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