WordCraft LA Writers' Resolution Virtual Boot Camp

Following the success of our Writers’ Resolution Boot Camp last year, we’re now offering an expanded 13-week program with separate tracks for fiction and memoir writers. From generating ideas to building an author platform, we’ll help you make significant progress on a writing project and start the year off right! For only $90, you will receive inspiration and motivation in the form of weekly e-mails with craft tips, writing prompts, excerpts from classic and contemporary writers, and links to other resources. Contact us today to get started!

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Announcing the WordCraft February Sale!

February is the month that writing resolutions may start to waver, and we would like to help. Throughout the month of February, we’ll be having a sale on all of our services.

Any order placed this month will receive 15% off the regular price. Any service priced by project — a manuscript edit, copywriting, a critique — will have 15% deducted from the total. Any service priced by the hour — coaching, tutoring, consulting — will have 15% deducted from the hourly rate for up to ten hours. 

February 1–12       Authors

February 13–20  Students

February 21–28  Writers at Work

For the first phase of the sale — February 1–12 — the discount can be applied to all of our author services. Working with authors is a particular strength of the WordCraft collective. Our consultants have a wide range of experience: from managing projects to developmental editing, from personal coaching to group writing instruction, from research and indexing to marketing consultation. 


Sometimes a writer may have a great idea but not know exactly how to proceed. Other times, a writer knows exactly where she wants to go with a concept, but motivation and time management are standing in her way. Hiring a writing coach can remove both of these obstacles to a completed manuscript, whether it be a short essay or story or a book-length project. We will custom design a coaching program for you based on your aspirations and writing practice to help you get where you want to be. 

Manuscript Preparation

With experience at established publishing houses, newspapers, academic presses, literary journals, and graduate programs, our consultants have worked with almost every possible kind of manuscript. We can join you early on in the process (providing feedback on style and structure) or when you have completed your project (proofreading and line editing to perfect the expression of your ideas) or at any time in between. We offer a full range of manuscript preparation services, including line and developmental editing, ghostwriting, research, fact checking, indexing, and consultation on format and design.

Submission and Marketing Consultation

Even though a project may be complete, the publication process is far from over. Whether you need to determine which publications or agents would be most receptive to your work, decide whether self-publishing is the best course for you, or get assistance with publicity and self-promotion for a published work, our consultants can help you to get your work before a larger audience. 

If you are an author, contact us before February 12 to receive 15% off your project. Later in the month, we will highlight our other client categories: Students and Writers at Work.

We look forward to working with you!
Chris, Megan, Sacha, and Jennifer