The people of Mid-American Review seek to publish works of fine literary art from a diverse body of artists. We are on the lookout for work that has the power to move and astonish us while displaying the highest level of craft. We dedicate ourselves to encouraging, nurturing, teaching, and learning from the writers we meet through careful consideration of their work and meaningful dialogue. The writers in each issue shall include both well established poets and authors and brand new voices.

Because the acts of writing and reading force people to slow down and examine the world and their part in it, MAR is in a position to foster peace and understanding and to make a positive difference, and we fully embrace the challenge of making the world a better place through literature. We are dedicated to finding new audiences for contemporary writing and to building the audience for our journal, while also providing an outlet for professional development and personal growth among staff members.

The Cantabrigian Call for Submissions (Deadline December 31)

The Cantabrigian is a literary magazine based in Cambridge, MA. It was founded to promote the works of emerging writers. What kind of content is The Cantabrigian looking for? Our focus is literary fiction. We accept stories up to 8,000 words. Suffice it to say we are looking for your best, polished work.

Our readers can expect that every issue contains the work, selected through our open submission process, that we find to be the most stylistically exciting, relevant, and above all original. If we discover an author you and we love, you can look forward to seeing their new work printed in future issues.

We hope to provide the raison d'être that comes from seeing one's work printed for the first time to as many writers as we can. We also seek to establish a collective of writers whose work we find exceptional and build a network of professional relationships that provides the modern author with resources beyond the old guard of the traditional publishing world.