Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Please check out Who We Are. If you aren't sure which consultant is best for you, use the form to the right of the consultant profiles to contact us.

How much do WordCraft consultants charge for their services?

WordCraft offers a wide variety of services, so naturally, our prices vary as well. However, we have two general price ranges, depending on type of project. The range for projects that are charged by the page (editing, proofreading, critique) is usually $5-$10 per 400 words. The range for services that are charged by the hour (coaching, tutoring, submission consultation, copywriting) is usually $60-$120 per hour. Many factors influence price, such as size and duration of the project and turnaround time required. Email us to request an estimate for the services you need.

Do all consultants have the same rates?

Because every project is different, we do not have one set price for any service. However, the consultants do share and respect the price ranges outlined above. Short answer: yes.

What kind of turnaround can I expect?

It depends. One week might be reasonable for editing a short article; one year might be reasonable for a ghostwriting project or coaching relationship. We do offer rush service for an extra fee.

Do you only work with LA-based clients?

Absolutely not. We can work with anyone who has an internet connection.

What if none of the consultants are immediately available?

Don't worry. We have an extended, national network of colleagues to whom we can comfortably refer you, if necessary.

Do you offer any services that don't easily fit into one of the four client categories?

Why, yes, we do. Some of our consultants have worked as book club moderators. We can help you choose books that would be perfect for your group and then join you to lead the discussion. We are also available to review books for your publication, speak on particular writing-related topics, or moderate panels on writing or literature.