Together, our consultants have over four decades of experience working with students. Our services primarily focus on high school, undergraduate, and graduate students, for whom writing can be a crucial tool for future success.


WordCraft’s academic tutoring services are based on the idea that all students, regardless of level or learning style, want to become better critical readers, writers, and thinkers—all essential skills for whatever field you may pursue in the future. In order to create a specific program of enrichment for you, our consultants will look carefully at samples of your previous academic work and talk to you to determine what aspects of your reading, writing, and analysis you feel confident about and what you feel needs reinforcing. Academic success is one of our goals, of course, but we will also help you to develop better understanding of words and language, as well as more confidence in your ability to take on any project.

Personal Narrative

When you need to compose a dynamic, clear, and elegant personal statement for college, graduate school, or scholarship applications, we will work with you as you strive to write honestly, thoughtfully, and fluently about yourself. Whether you are struggling to find a meaningful topic, wrestling with specific language, or trying to tailor your statement to a particular institution’s criteria, we can help you find your voice.

Dissertation and Academic Publishing Consultation

Wordcraft consultants understand the demands of conducting academic research and writing master’s and doctoral dissertations, conference papers, and other documents specifically designed for an academic audience. We can help you with every stage of the academic writing process, from the development of ideas to the crafting of clear language to the shaping of manuscripts for publication.