Writers at Work


WordCraft was designed with all kinds of clients in mind—because everyone needs words that work. We want to address the wide range of communication challenges a person may face, from the first resumé to the memoir of a life.

Personal Narrative

From the time you can put a sentence together, you’re asked to write about yourself—what you did on summer vacation, personal essays in grade school, college application essays, cover letters to apply for jobs, professional biographies, even wedding vows. Friends are often too close to provide the kind of feedback needed to perfect your personal narrative. Our consultants offer honest and compassionate consultation as you craft your story.

Professional Narrative

One of the trickiest aspects of presenting yourself as a professional—whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner—is finding the perfect distance required to not undersell or overpromise. Working with a WordCraft consultant can contribute perspective and determine the best way to package your business narrative in print or for the web.



While all organizations would ideally have an in-house communications team, not all budgets can support full-time copy editors and writing staff. We can help fill that gap. Our collective has experience in academia, publishing, the entertainment industry, and a number of other fields.

Copywriting and Editing

WordCraft can provide the part-time editorial assistance that a nonprofit or corporation might need to craft the most effective communication strategies, both internally and externally. Our consultants have experience writing in a variety of business contexts, including grant writing, print and web marketing (e-newsletters, blogs, social media sites), and content for organizational publications, technical manuals, marketing materials, and press releases. We know how to successfully research and analyze a project or program and then package that understanding in a form that will most appeal to your target audience.

Custom Training

If you would like the staff you have in place to strengthen their communication skills, WordCraft offers another service that could help. After an initial consultation to determine your needs, a WordCraft consultant will design one or more custom training sessions to be delivered on-site at your organization. The instruction will focus specifically on the editorial and communication skills required by your colleagues to best achieve the organization's goals.